Penguins of Madagascar Free Computer Games

Penguins of Madagascar Free Computer Games
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The Penguins of Madagascar Cartoon

In the fall of 2008, Nickelodeon ran a pilot episode of The Penguins of Madagascar to see what the public response would be. The lovable and quirky penguins from the animated Madagascar and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa movies proved able to hold a show on their own. In 2009 the show became a regular series for Nickelodeon when the premiere episode brought over six million viewers to the network. The Penguins of Madagascar is also the first cartoon on Nickelodeon that is made in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation; the original CGI animators for the movies.

As with all popular cartoon shows on the air today, Nickelodeon has a series of free computer games all based of The Penguins of Madagascar. There are twenty-six games featured through the website including a new games entitled The Rise of Blowhole. Here we take a look at the top four of the free computer games based on the hit show.

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The Rise of Blowhole

In this new computer game, kids get to choose who to lead the missions between the penguins. Once a penguin is chosen, it’s time to choose a mission. Mission choices are for this game are You Only Spout Once, Moonflipper , The Zoo is not Enough and Quantum of Porpoise. When the mission is chosen and you accept your choice then next screen will take you to an introduction of the case. Each case in this game is centered around stopping the evilporpoise Dr. Blowhole from committing his dastardly deeds.

This game is arrow key and spacebar controlled. To complete each level in each mission you will have to tackle various obstacles like Dr. Blowhole’s lobster minions. To chose a mission and get started in the game play, click through here: The Rise of Blowhole

Pollution Solution

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This is an eco-minded computer game that has all four penguins on a mission to take out a polluting factory. The factory creates pollution that irritates the skin of the penguins and damages the natural world. Kids can play all four penguins by switching back and forth with thespacebar during game play. An introductory tutorial is also available to walk you through the steps of arrow key and z key control.

There are six levels to get through in the pollution factory. Obstacles include barrels of toxic waste and robot that shoot toxic goo at the penguins. To fire the goo back at the robots play Skipper and hold Private in front. The toxic goo will bounce off of Private and shoot the robot destroying it. To play this free computer game, click through here: Pollution Solution

Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

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It seems that the penguins have gotten soft from lack of maneuvers. The goal in this free computer game is to take each penguin through an intense obstacle course. Each penguin must make it through sliding on his belly at a fast rate. Avoid obstacles like tire piles, snow bumps and boxes to collect as many medals and fish that you can before time runs out.

The further you go in the course, the harder it becomes to navigate. Left and right arrow key controlled only. Get started with this game see if you can get all four penguins through course, click through to play here: Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

Sub Zero Heroes

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In this computer game, kids get to play Skipper who is on his way back to the zoo. All four penguins had gone on vacation in the Arctic but the vacation is over and they need to get from one side of the tundra to the other side. The ship is waiting on the other side of the tundra to take them back but they have to get through twelve levels lead by Skipper to get there.

Arrow key and spacebar controlled, the game play allows for Skipper to waddle and even slide on his belly. Certain sections can be gotten through faster by pressing the spacebar which will bring the remaining three penguins down over Skipper to form a ball. Using the penguin ball feature will allow for faster time when moving uphill. Get started with this game by clicking through here: Sub Zero Heroes

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