Quick Overview of Galaxy Online II: Start Playing Now!

Quick Overview of Galaxy Online II: Start Playing Now!
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Building Your Base Basics

Like many RTS games, Galaxy Online II has a base you need to build up. The resources you will use are metal, gas and gold. All three are needed for shipbuilding, and the construction of buildings. Mines that are upgraded will produce more resources and residences provide your gold income. Your first upgrades should be these structures since they will allow you to grow rapidly. You should also do the beginning quests for some resource rewards and other items.

Build ships with your ship factory and use the weapons research facility to make new components for your ships such as weapons and shields. Technology building will provide you with new technologies such as increased mining or better weapons such as missiles. Build a resource warehouse to store your excess resources and click it to deposit your resources for use. Upgrade your civic center to unlock the other structures in the game. View the build menu to see what is required for each new structure.


Galaxy Online II

The game features many different quests you can do. Follow along with the quest screen and sometimes you will receive reward items. You can view these in your game inventory called a “bag” here. Locate the bag under “My Tools” - it’s the square box. Quests are also available under My Tools with main quests and side quests available as well as daily quests.

Your mail works a bit different in this game. When you receive a reward or other item, in many cases, it needs to be collected in your mail and then deposited into your inventory bag. You can click on the game item to use it. In the case of a blueprint it will go into your ship design area and be available.

Ground/Space Base

Your ground base is where you’ll find the bulk of your structures. Each structure on your ground base can is upgradeable which unlocks new structures or make the building perform better such as a mine. In space, you can build up your space base complete with defenses such as cannons. Here you can also mine additional resources and have your game friends build up your base for you. You’ll need seven friends to complete your base. If you upgrade this base, you’ll have more mining spots available.

At your space base, fleet modification takes place where you add or subtract ships from your formations. Here you can send a fleet to an instance to try for rewards. You’ll need fuel so click the “Supplies” tab under military and give your fleet some fuel.

Ship Factory

Galaxy Online II gives you the ability to construct your own unique ships. You’ll get a few ships blueprints at the beginning to design and then you’ll pick up more as you win them through rewards or buy from other players on the market. Ship blueprints include cruisers, frigates, destroyers and other ships. Each ship has a number of points that are assigned different weapons and components such as shields or improved engines. Once your ship has used up all its points, you can’t add any more equipment to it.

You can give your blueprint a name and then use that to build ships from it. You can have a number of blueprints and older ones can be deleted to make room for new and better ones. In the factory, you can also research new blueprints you have unlocked and upgrade the ship to a higher level. So if you have a ship blueprint level one you can get a level two, which is a better ship. The same is applied to new weapons and other components.


Galaxy Online II

At the technology center, you can conduct research improvements for your empire. For example, you can study ballistic weapons, missile weapons, enhanced mining, better ships, improved ship defenses and so on. Each technology has ten levels to it and multiple tree branches. So for example, if you start with basic missiles by the time you are done you’ll have giant warheads and bombs to use which enhance your missiles. Some technologies aren’t released yet so more options should be available soon.


Fighting in Galaxy Online II takes place above your planet or in instances. You can set a formation of nine groups of ships. Combat takes a number of rounds to complete. With the instances, you’ll earn rewards such as money, resources or in some cases blueprints of ships and new weapons to use.

Combat is graphic based and fun to watch although you can’t control how your ships fight or move that is determined by the weapons and other components you have added to your ships in the design process. To make your ships move more be sure to have enough engines installed so they get extra movement points per round. Balance weapons, engines, shields, and ship armor so your fleet is well-rounded for battle. Do the instances before battling other players to get a goof feel as to how the combat works in the game.


Join a corps and play along side other players. You can also make your own corp in the game if you want but it is generally easier to join one that is already established. You can always make your own after you have been playing for some time. Corps require you to contribute resources to help the corps grow so be ready to give some of your resources away. In the corps, you can also buy ships and other items. It is recommended that you do join a corps since it’s almost impossible to succeed in the game without one.

General Strategies

Be sure your economy is strong in the game. Level your residences to make more gold or sell ships in the marketplace. If you loot extra blueprints this can yield a lot of gold too if you sell them. Level mines to their highest level and don’t forget to mine your space base and those of your friends for extra metal and gas. Experiment with the ship design interface and try different weapon configurations in the instances before battling other users to see how your new ship performs. If you don’t like the model, you can sell it or just recycle for some resources back.

Galaxy Online II is a great game and tis guide will get you started playing. Be sure to join a corps and do the quests to get a feel for how the game plays. Do the instances before battling other users to test your ships.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Galaxy Online II on Facebook.