Galaxy Online II Game Guides: Building Your Ships

Galaxy Online II Game Guides: Building Your Ships
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Ship Factory Basics

In the ship factory, you can make new designs for your fleets. At the left, you’ll see the blueprints you already have designed. You tart with one free blueprint that you can’t change but you have room for many more. Click the arrow under the panel to build the ship blueprints you have made. On the right, the design button brings you to the design panel where you add weapons, shields, engines, and other components. The blueprint research tab takes you to the weapons factory where you upgrade ship blueprints you have or research ship components to higher levels.

Ships Design

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On the ship design screen, you’ll pick a ship to make a blueprint. Choose from frigates, cruisers, battleships and special ships. You can only make the ship if you own the blueprint. Either buy the blueprint on the market or fight in the instances to win blueprints for your ship designs. The bottom section of the screen gives you the statistics of your ship in the areas of attack power, shields, range, storage, structure, movement, build time, and transmission, time. You have the option to enter a name for your ship. Click complete to add the blueprint to the ship construction and then the ship can be made for your fleet. Let’s look at each area of the ship design process.

Attack Module

Ballistic Weapons – There are rapid-fire weapons, not the most powerful but good general use weapons. Like all weapons, the ballistic weapons have three grades. You need the first grade blueprint to make the other three.

Directional Weapons – these are laser weapons and are more powerful than ballistic weapons. These weapons are great in large groups.

Missile Weapons – These devastating weapons can turn the tide in a battle. They are best at the back of your fleet to use once shields are destroyed on your enemy ships.

Ship Based Weapons – These weapons fire small fighters at the enemy. They can increase the critical hit chance. These weapons work best against ships that have lost their shields.

Planetary Weapons – These weapons are used to infiltrate bases and cause damage to defensive buildings around the base.

Defensive Module

Structure Modules- These modules increase the hull strength and stability of your ships. They feature three upgrade levels like all defensive modules with blueprint one needed to research the other ones.

Shield Modules – these deflect fire away from your ships. All ships should have some type of shielding system. Some shields will only allow for one module of that type to be installed on your ship.

Air Defense Module – these are great for deflecting missiles and other guided weapons away from your ships.

Auxiliary Modules

Electronic Module – These modules offer special features such as improved agility of your ship, improved targeting, ship boosts, and auto targeting systems.

Storage – Adds storage to your ships.

Transmission Module – Adds engines to your ship and movement points during battles.


Ship design is really quite easy in the game but the challenge is trying to mix and match different weapons and components against what your enemy might have. Try different configurations and see what you can come up with in Galaxy Online II.


All images from Galaxy Online II.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Galaxy Online II on Facebook.