Game Guides: Facebook Galaxy Online II Economy Guide

Game Guides: Facebook Galaxy Online II Economy Guide
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Galaxy Online Game II: Economy Guide

With Galaxy Online II, you have three main resources at your disposal. Metal, gas, and gold are used to build structures and ships. Gases also serve the purpose of fuel for your ships so they can travel around and fight in other areas of the Galaxy including instances controlled by NPCs. You’ll need huge numbers of these resources to get a fleet built and to upgrade existing structures on your base. By upgrading residences, you’ll increase your gold supplies. Make sure your civic center is at a high level too, which will increase the level cap of your residences. Metal gas structures and mines increase the levels of both those resources so they should be at their highest level.

Space Base Resources

Galaxy Online II

At your space base both metal resources and gas resources are used. At your base, it works a bit different. You can only have resources there for a short period and then they need to be harvested. By having friends in the game you can also harvest their resources on a periodic basis which gives you more to work with. At their space base simply click on their harvest button and you’ll get a certain amount of resources depending upon the mines they selected. Once your space resources are harvested, you’ll need to place more mines in the slots there. Upgrade your space base to gain access to more slots for mining.

Gaining More Gold

Gold is very important in the game since you need it for technology upgrades and for blueprint research. Gold will be in short supply but you can increase it by playing smart. First, be sure that your residences are at their highest levels and upgrade your warehouse to hold as much gold as possible. Next, you can do instances, which can yield you gold rewards once they are completed. The quest system is a great way to increase your gold supply in the games early stages too. As you play instances, you may loot blueprints you no longer need so take these to the marketplace and sell them to other players. If you have a ship blueprint in high demand by new players, you’ll make a great deal of gold off it. Be sure to check the process on the marketplace to make a quick sale. Selling ships you have designed can also yield you a steady income of gold.


At your technology center, you can find a few research options for your economy. High yield mining will give you more metal while high yield chemistry offers more gas production. For increased gold research high yield investing. You’ll need plenty of gold for these research options but they are worth it for your economy. Be sure to research expand capacity too which increase your stage limit for resources.


Take your time with Galaxy Online II. Be sure to join a corps to play with more experienced players. Use the chat system to ask questions or the game forums. Use the game store to buy economy time limit boosts which can help. Quests can also grant you resource packages as rewards. Make sure you upgrade your economic structures before you build ships to get your economy running on all cylinders.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Galaxy Online II on Facebook.