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Ghostbusters Game Tips for Killing Class 7 and Boss Ghosts

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Remember Slimer? How about the Stay Puff Marshmallow man? These are only two of the bosses that you'll fight in Ghostbusters. The last part of this series goes through the class 7 and the boss ghosts that you'll come up against in Ghostbusters the video game for the Playstation 2.

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    The Baddest of the Bad...

    ghostbusters box In the last part of our Spirit Guide for the Ghostbusters video game for the Playstation 2, we'll go through the class 7 ghosts and the boss ghosts that you'll come up against in game. These are the baddest of the bad, and the hardest ghosts in the game to beat, so I've included how to beat them as well as some special attacks that you will want to know about.

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    Azetlor The Collector

    This is a class 5 boss ghost that is actually the ghost of Azetlor the Sumerian Demigod that was ruling over the lost souls. He likes to throw books, spit, and use a great little body slam on you so be careful. Even though he isn't as high a class as other bosses, he's pretty tough, so you'll have to really be on your toes since he's a demigod. Now, you need to try to use the books he spits out back against him since the weapons that you have weren't really made to use against these types of ghosts. You can pick up the books that he spits at you with your Capture Stream and throw them back at him with a Boson Dart. Once you can weaken him a bit, then you can try to use your P.K.E. Goggles to find a weak spot to take him down with Blast Streams.

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    Black Slime Behemoth

    These class 7 ghosts are negatively charged and are some kind of hard to take down. These guys have a massive amount of skills to fling your way - and most come with a hefty dose of slime. You'll have to use your Slime Blower to get that gone, then you'll need to use your P.K.E. Goggles to find weak spots. Once you do, you can use your Blast Streams to take him down the rest of the way.

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    Book Golem

    This is a class 7 ghosts and on that takes a lot to take down. This ghost is made up of books, but super strong and extremely hard to fight as it can summon Book Bats to help out and attack you. So, you have to use your Shock Blast to knock it down to side a bit, and then work on it with your Blast Stream. **NOTE: there are several other kinds of Golems in the game, such as Grave Golems. You'll fight them all the same way.

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    Chef Sargossa

    This class 7 boss ghosts is a hard customer to take down. The ghost of a highly regarded chef, he has several different attacks including basic melee and throwing utensils at you. He also likes to hide and heal himself, so you have to take him down quickly.

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    Gozerian Servitor

    This is a class 7 demon that used to be a servant of Gozer. These are extremely hard to kill, as they have stoneskin and bone shields, as well as the ability to summon and empower minions from other realms. They also have some pretty powerful attacks. To fight them, you have to stay away as far as you can and then use your Boson Darts as much as possible. This guy can also take on a ton of damage, so you'll have a big fight on your hands when you come up against him, so beware.

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    Gray Lady

    This class 7 ghost is the same one that you saw in the movies in the 80's, and you'll have a hard time scanning her with your gear. But, don't worry too much, she actually doesn't cause that much of a problem. She is extremely hard to trap though, so it will take you a while to get her in close enough to trap her.

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    Shandor the Ascendant

    This class 7 Demigod that is a pain to kill. You first have to take down the mask that protects him, and you can normally just blast it and smash it, but sometimes it's protected with slime, which means that you have to get the slime off, then blast it. Once you get that down, then you have to really slam him with everything your team has, just be careful not to overload your packs. He's a real pain and can easily wipe you're whole team out if you aren't careful.

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    Probably the most famous ghost class, these are class 5 free roaming ghosts that everyone remembers from the movies. They like to throw food and slime you, and it's hard to catch him. He isn't really that dangerous, but just hard to get. You'll have to use your Blast Stream and keep at him until you finally get him.

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    Stay Puft

    Remember this guy from the movie? Yeah, well, he's back as a class 7 boss ghost. He is a fun fight, but a hard one. He loves to throw anything he can pick up, as well as marshmallows, and likes to grab you up and fling you around. So, you have to use a combination of your Boson Darts as well as your Blast Streams to get him close enough to use your Capture Stream. Now, you do have ot be quick in getting him down or your whole team will wipe.

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    Transmogrified Spider Witch

    Now, this class 7 version of the Spider Witch is not nice to fight. She is much more troublesome than the other version, and hard as heck to kill. She can summon Spider Scuttlers, and loves to use webs to walk around, hang, and sling at you. You can use your Stasis Beam on the webs, and if you time it just right, then you can get her to fall, which actually does damage to her. Once you get enough falls, she will normally abandon the fight.

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    T-Rex (Black Slime)

    Now, this guy is a class 7 ghost that's basically black slime over a T-Rex in the museum. He's a bit hard to take down sometimes, especially since he loves to use that tail. So, you'll need to use your Slime Blower to take the slime away and then try to take him down as much as you can.

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    T-Rex Skull

    Once you get the T-Rex down, you'll have to be careful as this class 7 negatively charged ghost will normally rise after he goes down. Basically, this is his skull coated with regenerating slime, and you'll again have to use the Slime Blower to remove the slime and then take him down with your Blast Streams.

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    That's All Folks...

    While there are other, smaller ghosts that you'll come across in the lower levels of the game, these are all of the main ghosts and classes and bosses that you'll want to know about before you get too far into the game. Good luck with beating these class 7 ghosts and the bosses - some of them are pretty hard.