Mii FreeStyle Walkthrough for the Wii console

Guitar Hero World Tour Wii: Guitar

Tilt your guitar while playing in the "Mii FreeStyle" mode into one of three different positions and the guitar will take on a different tone in each position: low (blue), medium (green), and high (orange). The whole point to this mode is to let your wild side loose, but generally the orange (high) position is for soloing, while green (medium) and blue (low) are for rhythm and riffing. Shredding is as easy as playing one fret, play two frets for your power chord, three for a jazzy chord and four buttons for effects (like pick scratch), and then see what your creative side comes up with.

Guitar Hero World Tour screenshot 2

Pay attention to pick symbols that are flashing – this means that a training card is ready to play. Training cards just give you specific notes to play to make certain rifts and solo phrases. The game will automatically keep track of the number of cards you have played, but play your own tracks and you will get you a better Mii FreeStyle rating. When one appears, just tilt your guitar to the orange (high) position and play the flashing Transition Card (usually a four note chord) and you will be able to transition from the verse to the chorus.

If you want to change the background guitar track use the Star Power button or create your own background rift by tilting your guitar upwards and letting loose with a chord. The chord pattern you play will be displayed for all to see at the bottom right corner of the screen.


You don't have to use the normal Drum controller in this mode, and I would suggest the real entertainment begins when you use the innovative Wii remote and Nunchuk combination. When you implement the Wii remote and Nunchuk combination a drum set image will appear on the screen for all to see and this adds a neat touch to the experience. This combination also allows you to create your own recorded drum loops, while with the regular Drum controller you will only be allowed to play a freeform style of Mii FreeStyle.

Wii Mii FreeStyle mode will automatically put your drum beats into the proper count when your timing is off, and this feature makes playing this mode a lot easier to handle. If you want to start recording your drum loop just press and hold Down on the D-pad and the game will start recording. To clear a loop and start a new record track, just press Up on the D-pad and the old loop will be gone and the game will start recording the new one.

Guitar Hero World Tour screenshot

You can make changes to the default settings of the Wii Mii FreeStyle mode — in the default setting the game controls the bass drum and the Nunchuk controls the snare — by pausing the game and entering "Settings" to change the configuration to Expert mode, this will switch the Wii Remote to the hi-hat. The drumming fun begins by holding down C to do a snare fill or holding down Z for tom-toms. If you press A the game will toggle between ride cymbal, cowbell, open hi-ht and closed hi-hat.