Guide to Scary Sleepover Games for a Party

Guide to Scary Sleepover Games for a Party
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Scary Sleepover Games

As kids get older, they really enjoy having slumber parties where they can play scary games after dark. There isn’t any harm in this and as long as an adult is supervising the party and monitoring the kids, nothing should get out of hand. So, pop some popcorn and get ready to tell some scary ghost stories and play other fun games at your next slumber party!

Ghost Stories

Telling a ghost story around a campfire or in a dark room with just flashlights is a fun way to spend a part of the sleepover. Be sure that all of the lights are off in the room and only the one telling the ghost story is using the flashlight. This sets the mood to ensure maximum creepiness.

If you need some good ghost story ideas, read some stories before the party and then tell those stories or embellish them. If you have your own real ghost story to tell, that is always a good tale to tell too.

Tip: If you lack creative ideas to tell a scary story, you could always just watch an episode or two of “Ghost Hunters” or other paranormal show or movie with all of the lights out. The Sims 3 ghosts could also be used for inspiration for a story.

Bloody Mary / Candy Man

The story of Bloody Mary and Candy Man when told as part of the ghost stories can also make for a fun game. If guests at the sleepover are brave enough, they can venture into a bathroom or other dark room with a mirror and say “Bloody Mary” or “Candy Man” three times in a row. If they do, as the saying goes, they will be scratched or the spirit will come after them!

Dare to Play the Ouija Board Game?

Ouija Board by Hasbro

One of the most scary sleepover games to play is the Ouija Board. It is a simple game that has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. It is a board that has the alphabet written on it as well as simple words such as “Yes” “No” and “Goodbye.”

The players put their hands on the message indicator and “spirits” are supposed to answer a question that the players ask. Usually it is just the kids moving it around to scare the others. However, many people believe that spirits (good and evil) can use this oracle to communicate with people. Some even think it can be used as a gateway for them to enter our world. If you believe that this is the case, play the game at your own risk.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

This is another old game that is always fun at a sleepover. To play this, one of the guests at the sleepover has to lie down on the floor on their back and the other guests kneel down around her. The other guests then place two fingers with each hand underneath the girl lying down on the floor. The girls then chant “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” over and over. If it works, the girl that was lying down will be lifted up off the ground with just the power of the girls using two fingers with each hand. When they open their eyes, they will be surprised and possibly scared!

Hide and Ghost Seek

This is a take on the game hide-and-go-seek that could be a fun and also scary sleepover game for your party. The kids form two groups: one as seekers and one as ghosts. Have just a few kids be ghosts and the rest seekers. The ghosts will have a few minutes to hide in the house or in the yard (be careful if going outside and don’t leave the yard).

Once the time is up, the seekers will go try to find the ghosts. The ghosts could choose to either be found or if a seeker is nearby, they can jump out and scare them.


Screenshot from The Sims 3.

Ouija Board image from Hasbro.

Source: author’s own experience.