The Sims 3 Ghosts Guide

The Sims 3 Ghosts Guide
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Sims 3 Ghosts Basics

The Sims 3 ghosts are so far the most advanced ghosts in The Sims games. There are pre-made ghosts in each of the graveyards in town (and in the expansion packs) to spook cemetery viewers at night. Ghosts float rather than walk, and often scare Sims.

As Sims in town die, they can become ghosts and even be turned into playable characters by using the “Oh My Ghost!” opportunity. These playable ghost Sims can even get married and have ghost babies. These ghosts can become invisible, scare other Sims, walkthrough objects, walls and even other Sims.

Type of Sims 3 Ghosts

There are quite a few different types of Sims 3 ghosts. They can be classified by the different colors they appear as. Each way a Sim can die shows up a different color for ghosts.


Sims that died from drowning appear blue and have an animated water texture.


Sims that died from electrocution appear yellow and have an animated electricity texture.

Falling Meteor

Sims that are killed from a falling meteor appear orange. This is only available in The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack.


Sims that died from fire appear orange and have an animated flame and smoke texture.


Sims that died of starvation are pink/purple with a cloudy texture.

Sims 3 Ghosts

Mummy’s Curse

Sims that are killed from a Mummy’s Curse appear dark grey with an animated texture of swirling sand. This is only available from The Sims 3 World Adventures.


This is still unknown and under speculation. However, this death will only be available in the upcoming Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack. The color of A Sims 3 vampire that dies of thirst and turn into a ghost is unknown, but might be red.

Sims 3 Ghosts - Baby

Ghost babies are the same as a regular baby Sim. Many people like ghost babies though because they glow like ghosts.

To make a Sims 3 ghost baby, a Sim has to interact with one of the Sims 3 ghosts of their liking every night as it appears by their urn or tombstone. They then need to build a relationship with the ghost to a “Romantic Interest” and then when the ghost comes home with the Sim, “Try for a Baby” with the ghost.

Getting a ghost to come home with a Sim can be a little tricky. Here are some tips to making a ghost baby:

If your Sim has the “Kleptomaniac” trait, they can steal the grave of the ghost and put it on their lot.

Your Sim can invite the ghost over to your house and “Try for a Baby.” The ghost will leave in the morning though.

If you build up the relationship between your Sim and the ghost, eventually you will have the option of moving the ghost’s grave to your Sim’s lot.

Your Sim could marry the ghost which would add the ghost to the household.

If a regular playable Sim dies, and you accept the “Oh My Ghost!” opportunity, you will have a playable ghost in your household, which you could then “Try for a Baby” with.

Once your Sim is pregnant, there is a 50/50 chance of having a ghost baby. If your Sims were both ghosts though, your will definitely have a ghost baby.

Ghost babies age like normal Sims. They however cannot die from fire, mummy’s curse, starvation, drowning, or electrocution. After the ghost grows up and dies, it will move on to the “Netherworld” and you will no longer have any control of it.

Resurrecting a Ghost Sim

It is possible to resurrect a ghost Sim and turn it back into a normal Sim. To do so, a ghost needs to eat Ambrosia. This is un-buyable, but quite possible to make.

In order for a Sim to make Ambrosia, they need to master the cooking skill. Either they need to have gardening up to level 7 (or have a Sim in the household that does) and grow a Life Fruit. Have fishing skill mastered (or have a Sim in the household that does) and catch a Death Fish.

Once the Ambrosia is prepared, just have the ghost eat it and it will be brought back to life!

Ghost Hunter Profession

Sims 3 Ghosts

The Sims 3 Ghost Hunter profession was introduced with The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack. For a Sim to join the profession, apply at the Science facility. Sims earn a weekly stipend and also earn money for completing jobs capturing ghosts and selling them to the Science center.

Sims start out in this field as a Tarot Card Reader and can reach the top as a Paranormal Expert. All of those working in this field work on Mon-Fir from 5PM-3AM.

Types of Ghosts/Spirits to Capture:

Lesser Spirits – this type of paranormal activity appears as different colors. White spirits are friendly, teal are kind, yellow are frightened, blue are lost, green are jealous, orange are wrathful, red are evil.

Poltergeists – this type of paranormal activity possesses random objects which cause them to move around. They are only slightly stronger than lesser spirits.

Ghosts – this type of paranormal activity is the most powerful and hardest to capture. Ghost hunters can however befriend the ghost and even convince them to move on.

Types of Hauntings:

Sims 3 Ghosts

Spirit Invasion – this type of haunting is rather easy and since you can capture the spirit with the Banshee Banisher, you can sell it to the Science lab for extra cash.

Poltergeist Invasion – this type of haunting is a little bit more tricky since you have to look for the furniture that the poltergeist is possessing to banish it.

Ghostly Presence – this type of haunting is unlocked at level 5 in this profession allowing your Sim to use the Spook-O-Meter to search for ghosts. Once the presence is found, simply capture it.

Angry Ghost Invasion – this type of haunting is being caused by an angry ghost running around causing chaos to the people living with it. Often the ghost hunter needs to talk to it to calm the ghost down before capturing it.

Community Investigation – this type of haunting is easy. For instance your Sim goes to the cemetery to investigate the mausoleum and since you can’t do anything in there, you just sit back and collect the cash.