ilomilo – Achievements Guide & Roadmap

ilomilo Achievements Roadmap

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Xbox Live Arcade and Windows Phone 7 release ilomilo is a well-designed, thematically relevant indie puzzler with an onus on companionship, loss and the blurring between both dreams and reality. As it appears on two separate Microsoft platforms, ilomilo has unlockable achievements, garnering the XBLA standard 200 gamerscore. This article will first provide an ilomilo achievements listing then move onto creating a serviceable ilomilo achievement guide — with applicable roadmap for each of the 12 in the game. Read on for both the list & subsequent roadmap of ilomilo achievements.

The 12 ilomilo Achievements

  1. Anyone For Tea? (20G) – Reach chapter 2
  2. Halfway There (15G) – Reach chapter 3
  3. Smelly Jelly (15G) – Reach chapter 4
  4. Finally Together (20G) – Complete the game
  5. Meet Up (20G) – Complete a level
  6. The Student (20G) – Complete the tutorial
  7. The Hunter (20G) – Complete all bonus levels
  8. One of Each (20G) – Collect one safka of each color
  9. The Egg Hunters (10G) – Help find all 10 floating eggs with the fly while playing co-op
  10. The Musician (20G) – Play the solo instrument to the music theme in the main menu
  11. The Shuffler (10G) – Get a score of 500 points in the ilomilo shuffle minigame
  12. You’re In The Way (10G) – Defeat a nabber in the same move as you complete a level

ilomilo Achievement Guide & Roadmap

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In ilomilo, achievements aren’t too taxing and generally aren’t the focus, with a multitude of them being unlocked through normal play. There are a couple that can be difficult however, although progressing through the game will likely net you them, if you pay close attention to the specific levels where they can be unlocked. A couple can only be done after completing the game or in cooperative mode, but they will be described last, for conveniences sake. Anyways, onto the roadmap for ilomilo achievements.

Upon starting the game, The Musician can be unlocked by moving up-and-down on the main menu, in rhythm to the glockenspiel (the highest pitched noise being played). Going into single player is the next port of call and The Student can be attained by completing the straightforward tutorial levels. After that, complete a level in the main game for the Meet Up ilomilo achievement and continue through all the levels in the first world. After collecting three safkas in a single level and completing it, you will unlock One of Each.

ilomilo Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

Going through the chapters, you will systematically unlock the Anyone For Tea?, Halfway There, Smelly Jelly and Finally Together achievements. Each is unlocked upon reaching the next chapter and can be done in sequence as you complete the game. To obtain You’re In The Way however, you’ll need to trap a nabber on the first level of chapter 3. This is pretty self-explanatory when you see the level, but basically corner it against the furthest path, allowing you to catch it and complete the level simultaneously.

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The Hunter should follow, as you can complete the bonus levels as you progress. These are harder than the default levels, but can be defeated with patience and a modicum of thought. The last two are the hardest to obtain and may take some time. The Egg Hunters requires a second player (or at least active controller) in order to shoot the ten floating eggs found in the background throughout the co-op levels. This takes time to search the levels, but shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, even by yourself.

The final ilomilo achievement requires investment and skill. By accumulating 500 points in the shuffle minigame, you will unlock The Shuffler and have all 200 gamerscore for this indie puzzler. One tip for this is predicate to the quickening of the game as you progress. Basically, scurrying around early on for all the points and photographs you can will net you a decent chance at the score of 500 that is needed.