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Find Your Way Through Mazes with the Labyrinth iPhone Game

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

How much would you pay to play?

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    Classic Gaming

    Some gaming concepts continue through the ages. Whether it is chess, poker, or darts, some types of entertainment are built on a fundamental gaming formula that tends not to get old. This is part of the appeal of the classic labyrinth, a game that requires you to guide a marble through a maze of holes to the goal. The touch screen on the iPhone makes perfect use of this.

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    Nice Update

    Codify AB’s Labyrinth is an update of the board classic and maintains much of the appeal. The game requires you to hold the iPhone flat while tilting it in different directions to make the marble move. From here you need to avoid obstacles, go through the maze, and finally get to the goal. The interface works very nicely and remains responsive at all times. You only need the slightest movements to inspire the ball to take off and this can make the game challenging in comparison with the classic wheel set-up. Even the sound effects seem appropriate and natural, which add to the quite nature of the overall experience.

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    One of the best things about the game is the large number of levels there are. You can download level “packs” that will have a series in a specific style. This adds to the game giving it an amount of volume that makes its lasting power richer. Along with this is a way to create your own levels, which is a nice touch.

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    The main point against this game is its price. At $6.99 it is a little pricey for the type of game it is, even if it does have a number of features. Even though it allows you to play an almost unlimited amount of levels, the gameplay remains the same and may get old over time. The game really only works if you are previously inclined to this type. The new version is not going to get any converts. There is a demo version available for free, but it is hard to get a feel for the depth of the entire package. At least with that you are able to get a representation of the gameplay and visuals. Six out of ten stars.