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Smack A Toon Lite: A Mild Amusement

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The free version of Smack A Toon is perfect for stolen seconds during commercial breaks, but definitely not worth paying for.

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    Toon Fun

    Ever since the touch screen technology has been developed gaming companies have been trying to come up with concepts that utilize this surface. Since most gamers like games that have some precedence before hand, games have been slow coming. Now, even the free offerings on iTunes have touch screen options. One of the most casually entertaining incarnations of this is the Smack A Toon Lite.

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    Classic Gameplay

    Smack A Toon rests on a tried and true formula. Based on the arcade classic, you have twelve holes where small rodents pop their heads out of quickly. Your goal is to hit them on the head before they have the opportunity to jump back to their subterranean lair. When this happens you get a lively sound to indicate that you succeeded. This can become manic as they pop out in combinations, often several at a time. From here you rampantly try to hit as many as you can in an effort to beat last rounds score.

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    The touch screen is perfect for this because you simply have to touch it to mimic the head-pounding action. The Lite version gives you fifteen seconds to hit as many as you can, giving you a score afterwards. It does not really allow for any opportunities for a change in settings, such as a change in difficulty level, game time, or score cataloguing. These are all elements that are left to the full version of the game, which costs $2.99. This version offers several levels of difficulty, eight cartoon characters to choose from, and a variety of setting changes.

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    Not Worth Paying For

    The game itself is mildly entertaining, especially for a free application that takes up almost no space on your iPhone. Though the full version offers a lot of options, it really is not justifiable to pay the money for it. Smack A Toon Lite is worth downloading, if even just for the nostalgia of childhood sprees at the local penny arcade. In this case its best to stick with the teaser.