Helpful Hints and Strategy Tips for Jewel Quest Mysteries - Trail of the Midnight Heart

Helpful Hints and Strategy Tips for Jewel Quest Mysteries - Trail of the Midnight Heart
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How to Play the Game

Each section of the game is divided into hidden object rooms and a match three board. To begin you will need to solve two hidden object room puzzles. A list of items that you will need to find will be displayed in each room. There is a fixed amount of time to complete both rooms. Certain objects you collect will be used as tools to find missing portions of a jewel board. You can also collect hidden jewels that can be used later to earn special upgrades. After all items and the pieces of the jewel board have been located, you will be taken to a match three round.

The match three rounds are consistent with all other Jewel Quest games. You will need to turn all of the tiles on the board into gold within a specific amount of time. This is achieved by matching three or more like items in an adjacent vertical or horizontal row. When you have succeeded, a summary report screen will be display. This will give you a total of all points earned in the hidden object and match three room as well as all bonuses for time and using (or not using) special items.

In between sections of the game is an upgrade screen. Here you can purchase “specials” with jewels you have collected during hidden object sections of the game. Certain items after purchase can be used permanently throughout the game. Others can only be used once.

Completion of a game section also earns you a special jewel relic. To win the Jewel Quest Mysteries –Trail of the Midnight Heart game you will need to collect 20 of them by finishing all match three and hidden object rooms.

Special Rounds

Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart screenshot

Special rounds occur when you travel to a new section of the game. The goal is to collect a number of a specific type of object (stars, cogs etc) within a fixed amount of time. You will be in a train or plane during the round and objects will be moving by you as you travel. The total number collected will earn you bonus jewels that can be used to purchase “specials” upgrades. These rounds can be repeated to try and get the maximum amount of bonus jewels.

Game Hints and Tips

  • For hidden object game levels - If you guess incorrectly three times in a row, you will lose thirty seconds of time.
  • Collect three gold coins in hidden object rooms to earn “specials” that can be used to help you find items. Specials can also be earned by matching three gold coins in the match three rounds.
  • The Freeze Time is a special that stops the clock temporarily. In tough levels this can help give you the edge you need to complete a board. Purchase this item for 8 jewels in the upgrade screen.
  • Clicking on the special icon in match three rooms will allow you to turn one tile into gold. This can be useful in rounds where it is difficult to make matches.
  • In match three rounds, start making matches from the bottom of the screen to create chain reactions that may earn you extra points.
  • To make sure you find all hidden objects in time, look for the listed items and gold coins first. Before you locate the last one quickly search for hidden jewels.
  • A good special to purchase is the one that gives you three extra “specials” for your hidden object or match three rounds. This will cost you 18 jewels in the upgrade screen.
  • Finishing hidden object or match three rounds faster will earn bonus points.
  • If you fail to complete all hidden object rounds in a section, you will need to start the rounds over again.
  • One-time purchase special items are expensive and cost 80 jewels apiece through the upgrade screen. The Dragonfly special helps you find gold coins in hidden object rooms. The jewel finder special makes your cursor sparkle when you are near jewels in hidden object rooms.
  • To help you find tiles that are not gold, hold down the left control key to temporarily see the board without jewels.
  • Most hidden object rooms have at least two items that you will use as tools to help you reveal jewel board pieces.

Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 screenshot

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Screenshots of the Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart game were created by Sheila Robinson.