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    • Feudalism: Guide to Character Building, Warfare and Magic Items
      Kongregate's Feudalism is one of the most popular strategy games for the flash platform. This general strategy guide can help you progress through the game from beginning to end.You will also find key tips and tricks on character building, magic items and warfare.
    • Kongregate: Gaming with the Mighty Ant
      The powerhouse of browser-based gaming, Kongregate offers social gaming for all levels of players. This guide explains what the website has to offer.
    • Infectonator: World Dominator Strategy Guide
      Want to kill everyone one the planet with zombies? Well, you're in luck! This strategy guide to the flash game Infectonator: World Dominator will help you with taking over the world. It includes tips on research, late-game strategy, and how to deal with defenders.
    • The Best Kongregate Games in the Space and SF Genres
      Kongregate has many games, and many of them in the genre loosely labeled "space" games. So if you're looking for your sci-fi kick, or just want to shoot some aliens, check out this top five list of Kongregate Space Games!
    • Top 5 Games on Kongregate
      Kongregate is a great place to kill a little time and have a lot of fun. Here are some of the best games the site has to offer.
    • Kongregate Games - Elona Shooter Guide
      One of the popular Kongregate Games is the very entertaining Elona Shooter. This hybrid RPG/Defense Game is a very fun and challenging title that should keep you playing for hours. If you need any help with succeeding in Elona Shooter, just look here.
    • Spotlight on Indie: Thomas Was Alone
      Welcome to Spotlight on Indie, a feature where we look at indie games that are inventive, unique, meaningful, or just plain fun. In this entry, we take a look at Thomas Was Alone, a minimalist puzzle platformer created in a span of 24 hours across two days.
    • Kongregate: Perfect Balance 2
      Kongregate has a history of publishing physics based titles, and ttursas has a history of published Perfect Balance games. Check out this newest entry in the Perfect Balance series: Perfect Balance 2 on Kongregate.com.
    • Kongregate: Feudalism 2
      Experience a medieval adventure game like no other in the sequel to Feudalism 1. Go on a quest for world domination in Kongregate Feudalism 2 and find out how it compares to the original. Learn tips for advancing troops and conquering nations during fierce battles.
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