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Introduction – Elona Shooter Guide

Elona Shooter Guide - Be Ready for Anything

Elona Shooter is a fairly fun defense game based at Kongregate. It takes its inspiration from a freeware rougelike game, Elona. That's alright, but would probably deserve its own page. I will go ahead and recommend this one for people who like defense games, especially those like "The Last Stand." You take up a position by the city wall and defend against an onslaught of barbarians, flaming kamikazes and angry sheep. There's a lot of room for character development with tons of skills and the ability to hire new recruits and build up a little army to defend the city. You also get to build up the basics of the city and earn some residual money for more gear and recruits. It's a little random, so you should expect to lose a few times before you really get good at the game.

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Elona Shooter on Kongregate - The Classes


This is a bit of a jack of all trades character that I didn't really like. His big bonus is the superior earnings ability and a lot of bonuses to critical hits. This makes them a fairly good character for a new player.


This is a good character to start with, especially since they should start out with a fairly good ally for free. The hunter's bowgun or rifle are also great weapons that should last for awhile.


This is for a shotgunners and I'm not sure that I would suggest it for a main character. Shotguns are very powerful, but you'll have to defend on other people for long range support once the game really gets going.


The militia soldier's real boost is that they can randomly toss out some free grenades onto the battlefield. They don't have many skills besides cutting enemies down though. If you really want to focus on explosives and big guns, then they're a good choice.


In order to unlock the Noble as a starting character in Elona Shooter, you have to level up a sheriff up to level 10. They're a true jack of all trades and can literally learn just about anything. They also have a 40% boost to experience earned, which really helps with leveling up. You'll actually have to work fairly hard at keeping the skills focused if you don't want to get bogged down in a bunch of useless first level skills.


In order to unlock the Ranger in Elona Shooter, you have to get a hunter to level 10. They're pretty useful with big guns and heavy weapons, but they are not anything too special.


In order to unlock the Duelist in Elona Shooter, you have to get a rogue up to level 10. They are incredibly useful. They can get a ton of critical hits and string together lots of kills. It's a great addition to any party, either as the hero or backup.


This is pretty self explanatory. You need to get a militia soldier up to level 10 to unlock the sniper in Elona Shooter. They're a good shot and if you upgrade them with a sniper rifle and some decent mods, then they'll be really useful. Make sure you have someone with Leadership though, or else they'll aim way too slow.


This is only a recruit class, but it has a nifty skill. They can flat out negate damage to the castle with a percentage depending on the level. They are also good with shotguns and can learn some useful skills.

Buildings and Events – Elona Shooter Walkthrough – Kongregate Games

Elona Shooter - Buildings and Events

I'm not going to cover them all since that would be a little pointless. I'll just stick to the high notes.

Try to collect chickens early. They're a decent source of money and it will start to add up. Getting the "Active" skill will also make the AP cost of collecting eggs negligible.

Remember to pray before going to bed. Seriously, if you have two extra AP then I suggest praying to give a nice boost to the wall defenses. There are some medals for it too.

Taunting is a risky way to get some extra money when you feel like you have a good build.

If you just can't beat a level, then you can try hiring a henchman to help carry you through it. He'll take up most of your profit from the battle though, so only use them if you absolutely have to do so.

A museum is a great investment. You'll earn a fair bit of money just for collecting medals through the normal game. Upgrading it isn't going to bring in much extra money though.

Little sisters aren't that useful due to their random nature. Only buy them if you want the associated medals or if you have someone in your party with some skill levels in "Love." They're worth getting later though, once you start getting some income.

Note that looters are also not useful, since they don't even seem to really work. There's not much of a noticeable difference in weapon or item value for upgrading them.

Good Builds

Elona Shooter on Kongregate - Good Builds and Good Buildings

In general, you want to have some of these builds in your party.

The duelist warrior. This is pretty easy really. They can just mow down people with their accurate gunfire. They are also perfect choices for a party member, since there aren't any skills in their build that are worthless. This keeps them from spending tons of experience on a dumb tangent. It's also a decent choice for your hero.

The heavy gunner. A few people can fill this role. A sheriff or guardian with a shotgun or a ranger or militia soldier with some big guns will handle this fine. They're there to work crowd control and pretty much tear things up. You might want to make sure that they aren't going to bother with air targets or bosses, just to keep them focused on the crowds of enemies.

The sniper. This is like the duelist and doesn't have to be a sniper class person. You just need someone with anti-armor abilities to tear through armored soldiers later in the game. After the first boss day on level ten, the game will really amp up in difficult thanks to armored soldiers. Having an anti-armor shooter will make this a lot easier.

The team player. This can be your hero or really anyone. You need someone to level up important team skills, like leadership and engineering. These skills will help the whole party fight better and someone has to commit and get them.

Tips – Kongregate Games – Guide for Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter on Kongregate - Elona Shooter Tips - The Bowgun is the Best Weapon

Some quick and general help for the game.

You're going to die a fair bit on your fair playthrough. This is normal. Just try to make it fairly far into the game. For each survival medal that you get, you will receive more money for new characters. This is obviously a good thing. You will also unlock the four extra classes by playing around a bit.

Crows and suicide bombers are some of the most damaging people early on in the game. This is a clue for later on in the game. You will probably want to rig up one good shooter for anti-air through the barracks screen. There isn't a set way for them to target the suicide bombers, but a good close range fighter (a shotgun user should work) should naturally target them as they approach.

The leech mod is very useful for keeping the castle walls repaired in mid-battle. Repairmen and hammers aren't actually that useful for the role, considering their costs. They're just too expensive for the early game.

The bowgun is a great all around weapon. It takes a little practice, but it can cause a whole lot of damage against armored enemies and it is great for cutting right through crowds and killing those annoying archers and chickens at the back of the battlefield. Once you get past day 30, it will be indispensible. If you can find an auto-fire mod, I got lucky and got them as random drops twice, then it's an unstoppable killing machine. You can just fire arrow after arrow into the crowd and rack up an absurd amount of kills. It's a great weapon for the hero.

Practice a bit. It will take a little bit to become an accurate shooter and it will take a few tries before you really find a good team to work with.


Elona Shooter Medals - Ragnarok Survivor

There is a special medal for this one and I know that there are a lot of people wondering how to get the medal for surviving Ragnarok. It's actually pretty simple. At some point in the game you should get a random drop of a nice sword called Ragnarok. Using this sword in a battle will summon a bunch of laser dragons that will proceed to attack. You have to survive. Bowguns with full bow mastery will do incredible amounts of damage to the large dragons along with powerful shotguns. My mk-5 bowgun with full 6 levels of bow mastery killed them all in a few seconds. They're in one big line. Remember that you can also use an item, like the Jure Grail to protect the castle completely for a brief moment. That should give you time to take them out. If you use it right before they attack, you might be able to outlast them.

You can also try to summon them at the very last minute of a battle and let the day run out before they attack. This should work, but it's kind of cheap and against the spirit of the game.