The Top Five Kongregate Games

The Top Five Kongregate Games
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The Best of Kongregate Games

Kongregate is well on its way to becoming the go-to website for fun, casual gaming, if it hasn’t already reached the top. There are literally thousands of games on the site - 27,356 as of the time of this writing. Some of them are good, some are bad, and some are great. Sifting through them can be daunting, so I’ve done a little sifting for you. Here are what I believe to be the Top 5 Games on Kongregate.

Kongregate Games - Upgrade Complete!

Upgrade Complete is an entire game based around one concept beloved by all - upgrading. Upgrading is a staple of games with RPG elements. The benefit of spending a lot of gameplay time grinding away at something is being able to spend whatever you’ve earned - XP, gold, points, etc - on new moves, stronger abilities, or something equally valuable and exciting. Traditionally, upgrades are a side matter - something to aid you in your overall quest to conquer a game. In Upgrade Complete, upgrading is the game. To complete it, you need to upgrade everything - your ship, the graphics, even the title screen. You need to earn gold to add music and credits. Everything is completely bare bones when you start and won’t reach 100% until you upgrade it all. Heck, you won’t even know what percentage you’re at until you buy a progress bar!

Play Upgrade Complete!

Kongregate Games - Bloons Tower Defense 4


Tower defense games have really taken off in recent years and for good reason. They’re very accessible and offer complex, strategic gameplay to a wide audience. The basic idea throughout the entire genre is to defend a certain area by constructing defensive towers with various properties. Most of the time, you’re stopping an army of baddies from getting to point A to point B. In the Bloons series, you’re taking on an army of balloons, which is a lot tougher than it sounds. Bloons Tower Defense 4 is the series' best offering yet, with dozens of towers (when including all of the upgrades) and intricate, challenging levels. Like Pringles, once you pop, you just can’t stop.

Play Bloons Tower Defense 4!

Toss the Turtle


The gameplay in Toss the Turtle will be instantly recognizable. The idea is to shoot the turtle as far as you can across the level. You start off with a cannon blast, you have a handful of shots from a revolver that will give an extra oomph, and there’s a multitude of stuff on the ground that will bounce it even further. There are plenty of similar games out there, and I’m sure Toss the Turtle isn’t the first, but it’s arguably the best. The production values are through the roof, with amazing artwork and superb animations. The upgrade system will keep you playing for hours. And most of all, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Play Toss the Turtle!

The Last Stand 2

the last stand 2

Let me preface by saying that the original Last Stand is a great game and if you’re interested in playing The Last Stand 2, you might as well play through its predecessor first. I only highlight The Last Stand 2 because it improves on the first game in so many ways, making for the best zombie game available on the internet and probably one of the greatest action games overall. In The Last Stand 2, you play as the gruff, bearded protagonist as you and your rag tag group of survivors fend off waves of the undead during the night. During the day, you can spend your time repairing your barricades or searching for survivors, weapons, or supplies, all of which help you advance.

Play The Last Stand 2!

Infectonator: World Dominator


There’s a good reason that Infectonator: World Dominator shows up first when you sort by the top rated games: it rocks. You’re the orchestrator of the zombie apocalypse. At first, you can only infect a handful of people and hope that the virus spreads before all of the zombies get mowed down. As the game progresses, you earn money and use it to buy various upgrades to make your quest for world domination a little easier. You can upgrade your virus-spreading capabilities or put your money into making your zombies more effective killing machines. You’ll also unlock special zombies along the way. Don’t let the simple visuals fool you. This is an incredibly deep and addictive game that will turn you yourself into a zombie. Be sure to check out our Infectonator guide!

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