Infectonator: World Dominator Hints

Infectonator: World Dominator Hints
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Time to Get Infected!

Infectonator: Global Dominator is a game which requires careful positioning of your zombies. You have no direct control over what the zombies are doing, but if you place them in the wrong place you’re not going to get very far. This strategy guide will help you learn how to use your zombies well. Global flesh-eating domination isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Getting Started

The first few levels of Infector: Global Dominator aren’t easy. Your zombies are weak as kittens and even on the very first level in Africa you’ll have trouble destroying the town despite the fact that there isn’t anyone in it with weapons. The next few levels, Bokoro and Khartoum, will seem even more difficult. You zombies just aren’t strong enough yet to take out a town.

But don’t worry about that too much. There are two ways to advance in this game. The first is to meet your objective, which is a minimum number of kills you need to achieve. The second is to destroy a town by killing everyone in it. For now, just focus on the first part. You can come back and wipe out towns later when your zombies are stronger.

Early Game Strategy

The basic strategy at this early point of the game is to try and infect as many people as possible with the initial infection. If you can wipe out a few defenders with guns with your initial infection, so much the better. At this point in the game most of the people that you’re looking to wipe out will already actually be on screen when you start the level, so just try and find a bundle of five or six people who can be infected at once.

Also, buy a few bombs and use them to turn the tide. They can kill several defenders instantly and they are affordable at only $2500 each. It will be very difficult to win once you get to Cairo without using at least one or two bombs. However, also keep in mind that bombs do take money away from upgrading your zombies, so don’t just go will-nilly and use your maximum of three bombs in every level. Only use them if it appears you’ll lose without them.

Moving to Other Continents

As you progress through Africa you’ll start to have access to other continents. If you’re having trouble with Cairo or Cape Town, the last and biggest cities in Africa, skip over to one of the newly unlocked continents and raid the smaller towns there. They are much easier targets than the big cities and will give you the chance to level up your zombies without numerous frustrating defeats.

Research Strategy

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It is also time to start thinking about a serious upgrade strategy. There are a lot of ways to upgrade the zombies, but I personally recommend focusing on Damage Resistance early on. Your zombies are very vulnerable to gunfire when they start out and increasing damage resistance will make it easier to achieve victories in the cities where there are a lot of defenders. You’ll also want to increase zombie lifespan because the starter zombies die very, very quickly.

You also have the option to upgrade your viral attack. I recommend picking these upgrades up quickly. They are all worthwhile. The ability to add an extra virus click, up to a maximum of three, is particularly nice. This allows you to get more zombies in different parts of a level. It is in fact essential that you have the maximum of three virus clicks in order to use the late game strategy I am going to suggest.

Late Game Strategy

Infectonator Global Dominator

Once you’ve taken over a few of the easier continents you’ll run into some seriously fortified cities. Australia, for example, has apparently been preparing for the zombie apocalypse for years. Their smallest town, Perth, has a defense rating of 215 and a population of 185. The defense rating of Brisbane is 370! This means that you’re going to have to be ready for a serious fight.

There is a strategy, however, which can essentially win any level in the game. It goes like this.

First, use a Tank special zombie in the middle of the level. If there is a building that will protect him from fire, that’s great. If not, just stick him in the middle of the level. Make sure you upgrade your Tank special zombie aggressively since he is so important to this strategy. He is basically a damage sponge.

After that, infect citizens on the right, left, and bottom sides of the level. Why these areas? Well, the way Infectonator works is that the entire population of the larger levels is not on screen during the start of the level. All of the defenders are not on screen, either. They come onto the level from the left, right, and bottom sides of the level. By infecting citizens there, your zombies will already be one top of new citizens and defenders as they enter the level, mowing them down before they have a chance. I used this strategy throughout the entire game after I received the Tank special zombie and it is very effective.

You’ll probably want to modify it a bit towards the end levels. For example, I started using the Tank special zombie in conjunction with the Michael Jackson special zombie. MJ and his cast of moonwalking zombies help make sure that the Tank doesn’t get shot to hell within seconds on the tougher levels. I don’t have as much love for the other special zombies, so I usually place them there the sides of the level as well to help slaughter newcomers.

Scores to Beat

My score on Infectonator was 71843 and I beat the game in 158 days. If you’ve done better, or you have any other strategies, please leave them in the comments!

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