Infectonator: World Dominator Special Zombie Hints

Special Infectonation!

As the Infectonator, you have many special zombies at your disposal. These zombies, unlike your normal zombies, are earned throughout the game and can be placed wherever you’d like when you invade a city. Each special zombie has different powers. They can be extremely effective, but the best ways to use them isn’t always obvious. This special zombie guide will help you figure out the best strategies.

The M.J.

An obvious play off Michael Jackson’s Thriller (complete with music), this over-done cliche of a zombie is basically a regular zombie which is a bit tougher than normal. The real power of this comes from the M.J.’s "backup dancers" which spawn along with him. They are normal zombies, but a fully upgraded M.J. spawns with nine of them. There is a lot of damage you can do by spawning 10 zombies whenever you’d like.

I typically use the M.J. early in a large population area. This works best if you’ve been spending a lot of money on upgrade your zombie’s infection chance. An infection chance of seventy percent means that your 10 zombies will turn 7 more if they can just catch on person before they die – and they usually catch more than that.

The Tank

A rip-off of the Left 4 Dead zombie, the Tank is a huge, extremely tough zombie which has a powerful area-of-effect slam attack which

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instantly kills anyone in it.

The Tank is usually best used in large groups of defenders. This can either be used at the very beginning against a clump which is randomly standing around, or it can be used later when more defenders begin to spawn. There isn’t any apparent limit on the number of opponents the area-of-effect can damage. Use that to your advantage. Place the tank directly on top of the defenders and watch them crumble.

The Boomer Santa

The other Left 4 Dead rip-off, the Boomer Santa is a zombie which goes around puking on people, who then turn to zombies. This is fairly effective, but the Boomer Santa’s real attack is a virus explosion which is set off when the Boomer Santa dies. When fully upgraded the virus spread is massive. It is like having a fourth, random virus click. The Boomer Santa should be used early, since it is possible that, if used later in an invasion, the invasion will be over before the Boomer has a chance to explode.

Col. Sanders

This odd special zombie is based off the Kentucky Fried Chicken spokesman. What he has to do with zombies, I don’t know. But here he is, throwing zombie chickens at people.

When the Col. Sanders attacks and kills a person, the person explodes and zombie chickens go flying. The zombie chickens can then attack and infect more people. Col. Sanders himself isn’t that tough, so he should usually be used after you have other special zombies distracting the defenders. He is best when used in a high-traffic area of the map. His chickens are fast and can quickly result in five or six extra zombies in a specific location.

Ranald McD

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This clown runs around town laying infected burgers. Anyone who comes near them will eat them, and be instantly turned into a zombie. Ranald himself isn’t very tough and uses a basic melee attack to deal with people.

Ranald is usually best used around the edge of the map early in an invasion. His burgers don’t have a time limit, so they will just sit there waiting for someone to come along. Since people spawn at the edge of the map, they will run into his burgers as they spawn and be turned into zombies. They will then attack and infect other people spawning, creating a chain reaction in your favor.


Apparently not afraid of copyright law, Spiderman’s nemesis is included in Infectonator. He is a fast zombie with a ranged purple web attack which stuns opponents.

To be honest, Venom is probably the worst special zombie in the game. His stun attack is slow, not very accurate, and doesn’t seem very useful considering the huge number of defenders in the later levels. He isn’t very tough, either, and he usually doesn’t cause new infections. I don’t recommend upgrading this zombie too much.

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