How to use Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles for Myspace Mafia Wars

How to use Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles for Myspace Mafia Wars
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If you play Myspace Mafia Wars you know that your inventory contains weapons, armor, and vehicles. These are important, for without these

items you will not have much success within the game. Your main objective is to become the top Mafia boss, so how can you do this without equipment?

I will discuss the importance of having a good stock in your inventory, how much money you should keep in the bank, as well as the Godfather’s Favor Points. All three are very essential to your success within Myspace Mafia Wars.


This is where you buy or sell weapons, armor, and of course, any vehicles that you will be using within the game. Unlike property that increases in price depending on the amount you purchase, the amount you pay for the weapons, armor, and vehicles stays the same for one shotgun or a hundred shotguns.


You’ll be able to see, at a glance, how much attack or defense points that any one of these three items will give you. This will aid you in your purchasing decisions. When you look at the inventory list, you will quickly see at a glance that the more expensive ones don’t necessarily have the highest attack or defense - so be smart about your purchasing decisions.

Each of your Mafia members may fight with one weapon, one piece of armor, and vehicle. However, if you’re not going to fight within the game, then you do not need to outfit every member with all this equipment because it gets expensive. I would hold off equipping your Mafia until you have the few million dollars coming in every hour. Instead, increase your property to get that good passive income hourly.

The Bank

As a last resort, I would put money in the bank in Myspace Mafia Wars, but just remember that you lose 10% of every dollar that you deposit in there. You need money in the bank to be healed up after your fights. Therefore, I do recommend that some money be in there but the bulk of you cash needs to go into purchasing the properties.

The GodFather

Visit the Godfather when you first begin to play the game to get cash to buy equipment and purchase property. As you progress in

The Godfather

levels, he will give you more favor points that you can use the purchase cash or more members. It can even get you full health or energy.

In Myspace Mafia Wars when you go up a level your points are all healed so I wouldn’t use the Godfather for this. I save up my Godfather points, for when I really need them. You can also get more favor points by completing offers and so forth. While it is possible to use real money to obtain things within the game, I would not recommend you pay real money to get more members or purchase favor points in this free Myspace Mafia Wars game.

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