How to get Mafia Wars Blackmail Photos

How to get Mafia Wars Blackmail Photos
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Questing and Mafia Wars Blackmail Photos

There are three things that can make you the most powerful Don in Mafia Wars, make the most money, be the highest level and have the

biggest mafia. The first two things are done by battling other Dons and by doing quests. When questing there are certain items a Don will need to stock pile because once they are used once, then they disappear. One such item is a set of Blackmail Photos. Blackmail photos are important for many of the games early New York quests.

In New York a player will see Blackmail Photos come up more than once. To obtain Blackmail Photos via questing players must already have a Concealable Camera, which is obtained by doing the quest “Rob an Electronics Store” in the Enforcer tab of New York. It is a random drop and there are two other possible drops from doing this job, but you can’t get Blackmail Photos through questing without a stock pile of Concealable Cameras.

Dons can get Blackmail Photos by doing the quest “Obtain Compromising Photos” under the Hitman tier in New York. This quest can only be completed if the Don has a Concealable Camera to use. Completion of the quest will produce some Blackmail Photos. The Blackmail Photos will then be needed to do three more quests, “Influence a Harbor Official” in the Consigliere tier, and “Buy off a Federal Agent” and “Blackmail The District Attorney”. All three are in the Boss tier in New York.

Mafia Wars Blackmail Photos From Friends and Enemies

If questing is not really your thing, or you are getting frustrated with the amount in items you need to stock pile, well, then there are there other ways to get what you need. Battling other Dons is one way to pick up more Blackmail Photos. The problem with this is reliability; the drops are random. This means that players could get anything, so if the aim is only to get Blackmail Photos then this is not the best way to get them.

Dons can also ask member of their mafia to send then Blackmail Photos. This can be done in one of two ways. Each day players can send

Mafia Wars Blackmail Photos

anyone in their mafia a free gift, among them are some pretty important items, like Blackmail Photos, Untraceable Cellphones and Concealable Cameras. Players can also add Blackmail Photos to their wish list, which is a list three items that a player is looking for. Other members of can view your list and send you anything they on the list that they might have. This a great option for Dons who have a very large mafia because the wish list can be posted in your Facebook feed.

If he’s feeling generous, then Blackmail Photos can also be purchased off the the Godfather. Every so often the Godfather will put a sale on some of the games key items like Blackmail Photos, Concealable Camera and Computer Setups. If a Don has twenty or more Godfather points then they can buy a stack of ten of these coveted items. Regardless of the price, these items are so important that most players will take advantage of such an offer, I mean really, it’s an offer you can’t refuse!

There are a list of important items in Mafia Wars, and Blackmail Photos are one of them. Even if you aren’t using them at the time, players should consider stack up on them whenever possible. Other items like this are the Concealable Cameras, Untraceable Cellphones and Computer Setups. A don will never be able to get out of New York with out a huge amount of these items, so stock up!