Mafia Wars Multi Purpose Truck: What Is It? Where to Get It? Where to Use It?

Mafia Wars Multi Purpose Truck: What Is It? Where to Get It? Where to Use It?
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Where to Get the Multi Purpose Truck

The Multi Purpose Truck, formally known as the Humvee is a loot drop item in New York. It comes from the Break into the Armory job in

the Underboss Tier for players leveled 60 to 99. It is also available as a Random Common vehicle made in the Chop Shop. This item may be gifted to other players using the Mafia Wars Free Gifting system that unlocks for players who have received level 40 or above. This gives players three ways to secure the trucks they need to continue progress in the game. Since this item is not needed in great quantity, securing this item should not be a major concern for players.

Where to Use the Mafia Wars Multi Purpose Truck


The Multi Purpose Truck is used in the job right after the trucks are looted. Two trucks are required in order to complete the Rip Off the Armenian Mob job also in the Underboss Tier. This is the only location where the trucks are needed to progress in the game. This is not a consumable item, so once players get them, there is no need to stock up on more.

Chances are, players will end up with many more than they really need to progress through the game, so lower level players should be able to get these gifted with ease. Remember, the changes of a loot drop increase with each level mastery of the job, so when players reach the third level mastery of this job, they will likely be able to get more drops than they did on the first two levels of the job. Considering all jobs in a tier must be completely mastered before moving to the next level of master, though, this increased loot drop chance doesn’t really help to complete the job where the trucks are required.

How Many Mafia Wars Multi Purpose Trucks Players Will Need

Players will only need two Multi Purpose trucks in order to complete the job where they are required to progress through the game. If the trucks are not provided as a loot drop, players may also get them from the chop shop or as free gifts from other players. Since there are only two needed to complete one job, the lack of the trucks will not hinder game progression too much.

The item is classified as a vehicle, and though players only need two of them, having more on hand is not a bad thing. The vehicle offers 26 attack and 22 defense, so having more of them will only make the mafia character stronger. The more players who have more of them in inventory, the stronger the overall mafia will be. While this item does not make a huge difference in terms of attack and defense when compared to other items available, every little bit helps to strengthen the mafia for fighting and robbing purposes.

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