Free Kindergarten Online Math Games for Parents and Teachers

Free Kindergarten Online Math Games for Parents and Teachers
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Tic Tac Toe Squares - Free Kindergarten Online Math Games

Tic Tac Toe Squares is similar to the traditional game of Tic Tac Toe, but this time it has a math twist. The player must solve addition problems so that an X or an O can be placed there. Once the player has solved at least 3 problems, they can draw a line and win. To play this cool online sports animation game, click on the following link.

Monsters Under the Royal Bed

This game will have the kindergarten student practice their geometry skills as they take pictures of the different high school students, who are standing in front of the correct math answer. You will enter the game with the lead character asking you you which method you would like to use to photograph the pictures. Your options are multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. Once you have selected your option you will choose which level you want to play. This is dependent on what level the kindergartener chooses to challenge themselves with problems like 9 + 2 = 11 or 200 + 200 = 400. To play this game, click on the following link.

Connect the Numbers

This simple number recognition game and exercise will satisfy the kindergartener who wants to practice their numbers. The player is presented with a picture of a drum with numbers scattered on it to form a pattern. The player simply has to click on the numbers in consecutive order, which will connect the dots and lines between the numbers to form a design. Once they have completed it, then the drum will play to celebrate the victory ! To play this game, click on the following link.

Counting on a Cloud

If you want your kindergartener to brush up on their counting skills, this game will be a great review. You have two playing levels, Difficult and Easy. The Easy level basically counts for the child and the Difficult level gives them room to do it themselves. The game opens with two sides of the screen. One displaying different cartoon icons on the left and number icons on the right. The player must click on the cartoon icon and it will multiply a certain number of times on the screen. The child must count the icons and therefore click the appropiate number on the right. To play this game, click on the following link.

Math Popper

This game exercises both addition and speed skills with the kindergartener. Several balloons are popping out of the various holes. There is a math problem above the bobbing balloons. The student must solve the math problem, by popping the balloon with the answer. Each level gets a little more challenging, with more numbers to add. Speed is definitely the name of the game, along with addition, multiplication and even subtraction skills. To play this game, click on the following link.

Paint Brush Math

This is a great game activity to enhance not only the addition and multiplication skills of the kindergartener, but also zero in on their art skills, Who doesn’t love coloring? You are assigned to paint a picture of a beach scene. Each part of the drawing has an addition problem attached to it. To the right of the drawing there is a paint palette, with the correct answers to the problem. For instance, red will represent number 10, and the boat on the drawing has 5 + 5 on it, therefore the boat must be painted red. Get it ? To play this game, click on the following link.

There are a vast array of choices, when it comes to math games for kindergarten students. Ask yourself what your overall learning objective is and you will discover that you can add these games to your curriculum or homework assignment. Enjoy !