MicroVolts Guide For Beginners

MicroVolts Guide For Beginners
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Packed Batteries and Electrical Charges Are A Go

Rock Hippo’s new third-person online shooter, MicroVolts, is a comedic, action-packed game that puts players in the plastic shoes of killer toys come to life. The game takes a slightly different approach to the modern-shooter combat genre by giving gamers an initial set of starting weapons that can be altered, changed or switched out before a match. Much like Metal Assault, MicroVolts sees players using a variety of weapons for different situations and teamwork becomes an essential aspect of securing a victory in the game. Find out how you can take advantage of the maps and weapons in this MicroVolts guide for beginners.

Choosing A Character Is Just For Looks

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There are four different playable characters in MicroVolts, however two of them are cash shop only avatars and must be purchased from the item mall in order to play them. The characters in the game are mostly for looks and what little stats they offer up in differentiation are almost entirely infinitesimal and hardly changes the outcome or tactics for playing in the game.

You can outfit your character with a number of accessories as well, but keep in mind that no matter how tough you make your toy soldier look they will still be the same breakable pieces that they were before you outfitted them.

Each Weapon Serves A Purpose

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As mentioned before, every player will start with a full cache of weapons including a rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a gatling gun and a rocket launcher. Each weapon serves a purpose for varying situations and it’s up to players to know when and where to switch to each gun in order to get the upper hand on the on the competition.

For small corridors it’s best to use either the rifle or the shotgun, as they can rip apart opponents very quickly with short reload times. For maps with large canvassing areas, a sniper rifle or rocket launcher would be best suited for that kind of scenario.

Weapon upgrades also play a big part in how MicroVolts is played. Much like Meta Assault, better weapons means a wider array of opportunities in which they can be used. For example, a shotgun with better accuracy means that it can be used in long range attacks. A faster firing sniper rifle makes it both viable for long range suppression and as a possible alternative for a quick close-quarter kill.

It’s best to look over the weapon stats that best suit your play style and how you plan to evolve that play style. Knowing which weapons to use and which ones to upgrade will determine how well you’ll eventually do as you progress in the game.

Surviving The Modes And Playing It Smart

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There are a variety of modes in MicroVolts that can prove to be very challenging if you’re not familiarized with how to play them. The easiest of the modes is the standard Team Deathmatch mode where you can get familiarized with the layout of the maps and the way the team tactics work in the game. For the most part, when it comes to Team Deathmatch the main goal is to watch your teammate’s back while you volley to get into position to use the weapons you’re most comfortable with. If you prefer to snipe, find an open area that you can use to an advantage only after assault groups have already charged in, which should give you some leeway with picking off opponents who attempt to engage your teammates.

The Item Match is identical to Team Deathmatch with the exception of bonus power-ups dropping from downed opponents. Elimination is also along the lines of Team Deathmatch with the exception that per every round each player only has one life and must work together to eliminate opponents. The strategy for surviving this mode falls in line with being very aware of your surroundings and hanging back (if you can) on the larger maps to watch for snipers or ambushes.

The mode you’ll want to exercise serious caution with is the Capture the Battery mode. It’s easy to get lost in the winding routes and multiple paths that some stages have and before attempting to actually capture the battery be sure to find every possible in-and-out scenario to get into a teams’ base and get out, effectively. Maneuvering the maps in CTB is more important than landing headshots, because the player who can sneak into an opponent’s base unseen will be the one who will score the most points.

Free-For-All is a lot different…and the main idea is simply to listen for nearby firefights and go in and wipe out whoever is fighting someone else. Avoid being in the open and always look for vantage points by using tunnels and alternative routes in a map to navigate.

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