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Vanguard? Never Heard Of It

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is an online game created in January 2007 by Sigil Games Online. Its an interesting game, one that brings forth a huge amount of content, character customization, and beautiful visuals - and that’s just on the surface. To do a basic review of the game really wouldn’t do it justice however, because despite the fact that the MMORPG genre is filled with games, this particular title has quite a few things that differentiate it from the rest.

Its safe to say that games like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online dominate the MMORPG genre, not to mention many other noteworthy and respectable titles. With any review of an MMORPG, there is the tendency to compare a game against these giants. But rather than shrink away from this habit, it’s useful in this particular instance because Vanguard does have some defining characteristics that mark the game as something to take notice of - even if it doesn’t yet have the fanbase of some of the larger titles. So what are these distinctions? Well thats what we are here to find out. So without further ado, lets plunge in and take a good look.

The Black Clouds Over Vanguard

First off, we’re going to take a look at what isn’t done well in this game. This might seem strange identifying the negatives right off the bat, but there is a reason for this. The game does have a lot going for it, so its easier to just tell you what bad things you should expect. Then we can get on with all of the positives that this interesting title provides.

Good performance is key to an online game. If the game has problems running due to stutters in display or delays during a combat sequence, people are not going to stick around for long. Despite the fact that I have had really great experiences with other online games, Vanguard definitely shows some issues with bandwidth or graphical performance. I would have to attribute it to issues on the servers or possibly some tweaking necessary for this game to perform at a decent level.

Combat is another area where everything seems to be really slow. But this doesn’t appear to be an issue with performance; combat just seems to happen slowly. When you get used to a more action-filled sequence, this tends to leave you wanting more. This is another area where Vanguard needs to be improved or it won’t be around long enough to enjoy.

The number of servers available for logging on - at least for the United States - seems to be a fairly short list. Now I understand that servers can be expensive, but if you want to compete with the big boys (who have a very lengthy list of servers), you will have to invest some serious money in server hardware.

Now that we’re through with the bad, we’ll begin in part two to examine what Vanguard consists of, what unique content the game provides, and how this title is different from other MMORPGs out there.

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