Crazy Shooter Online MMOFPS Review

Crazy Shooter Online MMOFPS Review
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A Crazy Shooter Indeed

It shouldn’t take long for you to read this review because I’m not going to go round and about with any sort of teaser intro. I’ll just come out and say that this is an awful game and will probably only appeal to 10-year-old anime fans who like wacky hairy, shoddy game mechanics and ridiculous, mindless shooting that has more to do with connection rates than shooting skill. If you’re expecting any sort of high-praise for this game to rival the likes of Operation 7’s weapon modification system, the visuals of Karma: Operation Barbarossa or the gameplay balance of Mercenary Wars, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Gameplay (1 out of 5)

Hitting things on the game is like trying to get an airplane through a rat hole

I don’t think they could have found a more suiting name for this game, because Crazy Shooter Online not only describes perfectly what the game is about as well as how the game is played. Given that there are no beginner channels, newbies and veterans join the same rooms where most new players will be mercilessly slaughtered. Yeah, it’s exactly like GameHi’s Sudden Attack.

This is not to mention that latency will determine weapon accuracy, which means that if someone is lagging or there’s no stable connection to the host, then most of the weapon fire will veer off into nothingness, completely foregoing the intended target(s).

To make matters worse is that the entire game is played as if it’s on crack-speed and all the maps are setup so that no one can hide, take cover or at least get their bearings. If any player stops to reload, they’re dead. Try hiding in a corner…dead. Get to a rooftop where it might be safe…dead. Based on this description alone anyone reading this should get the hint that a lot of players will spend a lot of time dead because of the gameplay speed and cramped stages. This is mainly due to the fact that the respawn points are also conveniently placed where most players might try to use an area for cover fire. In result, just about everyone is constantly running around like a chicken without a head, firing at any and everything that moves. This applies to both deathmatch and team deathmatch, unfortunately.

Another huge downside is that all the maps are perfectly suited for skill-less run-and-gun gameplay. There are no tactical cover points like Cross Fire; nor are there any conveniently placed barriers, or toppled over debris to use for strategic gunfights. Instead, all the maps are designed so that players run out in the open and fire away at each other.

Graphics And Sound (3 out of 5)

A shooter for anime-fans, no doubt

If you like wacky-haired anime characters and scantily clad military femme fatales, then Crazy Shooter Online has you covered. That doesn’t mean that the game has particularly nice visuals, it just means that the standard military FPS genre gets an overhaul with anime themes. I can’t say it works well for this game considering that customization is extremely limited for player characters. Two heads and two bodies are the starting parts for both males and females, and there are only a handful of parts to unlock for both genders. Not to continually draw comparisons, but if you’re expecting customizable parts like on A.V.A or Operation 7, you’re out of luck.

The weapon designs and animations are actually quite nice. The standard shotgun is particularly intricate with some fairly snazzy lighting effects. Of course, this comes at the expense of poor character texturing, lighting and map quality. Most of the stages have a dusty tan look with nothing strikingly noteworthy about their design.

Players won’t find much of anything else play-worthy about the game, especially with the sound and music. The audio aesthetics can be chalked up as good enough just to get by.

Concept (2 out of 5)

There’s probably a dancer hiding behind the boxes

Someone thought it might be cool to design an obnoxious, over the top shooter where players assume the roles of anime-style characters where the shooting isn’t intense and the maps are designed to frustrate and anger new players. I don’t see how that counted as a cool concept in the minds of the developers but I would hate to smoke whatever they were smoking when they came up with the concept.

One thing worth mentioning, however, is that players can recharge their health by dancing…yes, dancing. However, the rate at which a player’s health will recharge is so slow that most players do better dying just to get a refill in health. Add this to the fact that there are no real hiding places within the maps to adequately spend the appropriate time needed to get more health, which makes this feature a perfect way to make oneself an easy target for opponents. I at least have to give the developers props for adding in the option to try to recover health, but slowly dancing in a corner is a really odd way to do it.

The game modes are about as standard as standard come, with deathmatch, team deathmatch, knives only and demolition modes rounding out the experience. The sad reality is that there isn’t anything in C.S.O that you can’t find elsewhere. The only thing some gamers might find useful is the ability to stockpile primary and secondary weapons and switch between them during respawns to suit whatever situation you’re facing in-game. This is nothing that hasn’t already been done and done better in games like Alliance of Valiant Arms or Mercenary Wars.

Overall (1 out of 5)

C.S.O. looks good in promotional pictures but leaves a lot to be desired

C.S.O breaks no new ground worth playing. In fact, you could look at Crazy Shooter Online as a benchmark for the kind of online shooter that’s entirely worth avoiding. The lack of beginner channels or a setup for new players makes this an unfun and exasperating experience. The latency issues that make the accuracy of the weapons unreliable creates an irritating in-game experience that will see players shooting at opponents and not getting any kills. Annoying? Very much so.

The basic weapon selection and poor map designs doesn’t really add any sort of appeal to this game that could be found elsewhere and in better ways. Unless you absolutely love anime characters and pretty much nothing else, there is no reason to bother with Crazy Shooter Online. Need a fast-paced MMOFPS with intense combat? Try Cross Fire, BattleSwarm or Operation 7 instead.

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