Neo Steam Crafting Walkthrough For Beginners

Neo Steam Crafting Walkthrough For Beginners
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Crafting In Neo Steam

Just about every MMORPG out there has crafting. The ones that don’t are usually decades old and entirely focused on a niche audience. Neo Steam fits the bill as the new-school, “theme park” MMO that caters toward a casual audience. Nevertheless, just because the game is setup so just about anyone can get started and playing, the crafting can actually be quite tricky.

In fact, the crafting in Neo Steam is no walk in the park and actually requires patience and a bit of grinding to get it off the ground. This guide will help new players in getting the basics down for crafting and how to make some items in Neo Steam.

Learning The Craft

No discrimination against Pandas in this game

Before crafting anything in the game it’s first required to learn the appropriate skills from the NPC. Before being able to learn the skill, it’s best to complete the tutorial quests at the start of the game and proceed to the grinding garden up until level 11. Afterward, when talking to the appropriate NPC in the starter town of Riall, players will be offered the choice of what kind of crafter they wish to specialize in, ranging from crafting swords and armor, guns and steam machines to pylons, engines and more. Be sure to select the option that best reflects the material you would prefer to make or the items you would like to sell.

The Steam Workshop

Poking around at the steam workshop

After receiving your basic crafting skill you’ll now be able to craft level 1 basic materials. In the town of Riall you won’t be able to find much of what you need to craft so it’s best to head to the subway NPC and have him take you to Gardenia. Once inside Gardenia over in the south-east corner, there are a few crafter NPCs and a steam tank. Before getting heavy into crafting you may want to refill up your neo steam by heading to the machine, which is right beside the storage NPC near the back of town.

Once you have some appropriate steam it’s time to make your first object. Talk to the NPC crafter at the steam workshop and if you’re a Smither or a Gizmologist you’re going to click on the list and scroll to the very bottom of items to craft until you see “Materials”. The first object on the list is what’s going to be crafted and you’re going to need to make sure you have all the appropriate materials. For Smithers the options include making a level 1 precise gear or piston and these only require iron ingots. For Gizmologist the level 1 material is a steam engine and this requires a few extra materials to complete. No worries, though, all the stuff you need is right around the Gardenia vicinity.

Gathering Material

Mobbing to find some crafting gears

Crafting a few basic materials as a Smither only requires a few steps and these items can then be subsequently used to also further acquaint yourself with Gizmology, just in case you plan on making another character. So before being able to make a gear and piston, you’ll need iron ore so you can refine it into an iron ingot. Sound confusing? Well, it’s not that confusing.

First, head out of the town and kill a few of the low level monsters around the area. Gather up whatever material or items the mobs drop. You’ll need plenty of iron ore because you’ll need to make plenty of iron ingots. Iron ingots are basically the prime material source for a lot of starter material, which is very similar to Red Cliff Online.

While you’re out there you might also want to keep grinding until you find a few crystals. The crystal material is also essential in a lot of lower level crafting items so you should keep a few on hand.

Getting Some Steam Out Of The Engine

Keeping the steam stacked up

This next part breaks down crafting either as a Smither or Gizmologist. So after you’ve gathered enough material it’s time to head back to the workshop and put it all to use. The first thing you’ll need to do is refine the iron ore into an iron ingot. Talk to the NPC Master Refiner and after selecting the refine option simply click on the iron ingot and refine the ore into at least two handfuls of ingots.

Next up it’s time to take those ingots and make a gear and a piston at the Master Crafter NPC if you’re a Smither. Click on Smithing and select materials from the drop-down menu. Make one level 1 precise piston and one level 1 precise gear.

If you already gathered up the crystals from the monsters outside Portis Square at Gardenia then you already have the necessary items to craft a steam engine if you’re a Gizmologist. Talk to the Master Craftsman about Gizmology. Select materials from the drop-down menu and click on the very first steam engine in the list. The low-power steam engine should require the following items:

7 Iron Ingots

1 Crystal

1 Precise Gear

1 Precise Piston

If you have all these items proceed to build an engine or two. You can sell these engines for 3,000 credits.

Elevating The Crafting Game

Getting the goods out of steam crafting

If you have the hang of crafting and feel ready to further explore your crafting abilities then press ‘K’ and you should be able to level-up your crafting skill in the second column of skills if you haven’t done so already. It takes quite a few points to level up a tradecraft so be sure you know what you want to make before leveling it up so you don’t waste precious TP.

Also take note that items you craft are always higher in quality and than items you buy from the stores. So whether you plan on selling the items or using them, crafting in Neo Steam is a surefire option for making top notch gear.

For more information on Neo Steam be sure to visit the Official Website