Audition Walkthrough For Beginners - Audition MMO

Audition Walkthrough For Beginners - Audition MMO
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Audition Walkthrough - Stepping Onto The Dance Floor

One of the most original and fun MMOs out there happens to be the least likely MMO you would expect to be free, or fun. But Redbana’s Audition takes the Bust-A-Groove concept from the PSX era, fuses it with Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution, and throws it into the massive multiplayer arena.

Even though Audition has casual graphics and a vast selection of music and modes, the biggest thing that usually gets new players is the difficulty. Yes, Audition is one of the hardest MMOs out there because many players don’t know how to find the right groove in order to adjust to the game’s pace.

This beginner guide will help newbies in finding the right modes and starting off with the right music tracks in order to progress in the game without the burdening task of being overwhelmed by the game’s difficulty.

Creating A Character And Finding A Style - Audition MMO

Creating a character in Audition

After starting, picking a name and picking a basic avatar from the limited selection at the start of the game (don’t worry, more options, hair styles, faces and clothes become available as you level up) it’s time to head to the beginner channel.

Even if you think you have great finger work in tow after starting up Audition, understand that the competition will wipe the floor with newbies and no matter how good your finger work is some of the modes and music styles can (and will) throw you off your game.

Usually the beginner channels are empty, but it’s all right because whether you play with someone or solo some dancing routines on your own, the whole point of the beginner channel is to grasp an idea of how to play.

It’s Time To Hit The Dance Hall

Dance Hall is where all the dancing happens

All the progressive dancing that takes place does so in the Dance Hall. In the beginner channel there is a limit to what songs are available and what kind of modes are present. It’s okay, though, all the basics are there and after completing the standard tutorial it’s time to take to the floor and show your stuff.

The best thing to do when starting off is create a room and practice alone for a bit; you can still earn experience points and beats (i.e., beats are the game’s currency) while in practice.

To really get a hang of the timing and dancing mechanics try selecting a Random Slow Song from the drop-down menu while you’re in the room’s lobby. You can pick a stage and click start to get practicing underway.

Understanding The Rhythm For Success

Attacking combos in Audition

Audition offers beginner’s a few outlets for success to be an MMO rhythm game. That’s why it’s best to get a handle on things in the practice mode. In practice, it’s hardly possible to mess up when dancing to a slow song. In some cases, the slow songs are so slow that it’s too easy. However, it’s best to grasp the basic concepts before moving on. Try a Random Fast Song just to test your reflexes in the practice mode.

Once you’ve got the hang of the game it’s time to try something a little more challenging, such as individual freestyle. Take note, though, that in the beginner channel the options are limited to practice, (individual) freestyle, team and choreography 4-key. The reason it’s best to learn the ropes in individual freestyle as opposed to heading into choreography is because freestyle lets players put together their own combos and try new things without the strict combos present in choreography mode.

Try Tag-Teaming For A Challenge

Tag-teaming in Audition

Team mode is a fun way to get a grasp on some of the more complicated modes in the game. The challenging aspect of the team mode lies in the timing required to input the keys at a specified time alongside your teammate(s). In the team mode things are a bit harder because players will have less time to input keys as opposed to the individual modes; however more beats and score can be earned in the team versus modes.

Try practicing a few rounds to really get the hang of working with a partner. And don’t worry, the team modes in the beginner channel are much easier than the partner modes in the intermediate and free channels.

Level 6 Is Just A Few Dance Steps Away

One of the many stages in Audition

If you’ve mastered the challenging finger-work for the choreography mode then feel free to invite other newbies into the room and see if you can take the top spot. Just remember that in choreography mode the main key is to achieve more “Perfects” than any of the other players, as opposed to the individual freestyle mode where combos and more complex key inputs play a larger factor in coming out the winner.

Now, the main meal of Audition resides in its story mission mode. The missions task players with various challenges or quests that must be completed in a specific manner. Before being eligible to take on the story mode players have to get beyond their license for level 6. This isn’t too tough if you stick to the basics and focus on earning beats and experience through the freestyle and team modes. Once you reach 100 percent at level 5 a new license menu will open up and allow you to take a test to see if you’re eligible to move on to the next level. From there, you’re no longer a poser, but a bopper.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide helped shed some light on playing the game with enjoyment in tow. Still, if you need more information on this rhythm-based MMO, be sure to visit the Official Audition Website.