Earthrise beta information and Game Play: Upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG Earthrise Preview

Earthrise beta information and Game Play: Upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG Earthrise Preview
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Earthrise Beta Back Story

Towards the end of the 21st century, war raged across Earth as resources diminished. Scientists began working on a DNA database storing the genetic codes of every living thing. They called it the ‘Continoma Project’. A few hundred years passed and and the scientists started cloning humans, naming them pioneers. The only place safe for these pioneers to live was on an island called Enterra because the old cities were swarming with mutant man-eating plants and animals.

Here, Continoma leaders founded the city of Sal Vitas and formed a new government. With control over the DNA database, the Continoma government decided who lived and who died by removing DNA information from the database of those convicted of criminal behaviour. As more humans were cloned, society split into separate groups and factions and eventually an organization called Noir took on the role of armed resistance.

Shortly after this one of the Noir leaders was captured by the Continoma police and had his DNA removed from the database, thus killing him. The remaining 6 Noir leaders were driven from the city, and without cloning technology, Noir was sure to be defeated.

Then a counter-coup leader, Synthia Harvington, negotiated a deal with Noir to exchange cloning information for Noir’s help with the counter-coup. Now Continoma and Noir share an uneasy peace on Enterra, both aware that the dangerous mutants from the old cities are up to something inside the old city’s sewers.

Earthrise Game Play

Earthrise, developed by Masthead Studios, is a post apocalyptic Sci-Fi MMO set for release in fall, 2010. For now, the only playable race is hum

Earthrise Boneyard

ans, with the two main factions being Noir and Continoma.

Earthrise offers an entirely skill based style of play. Gamers will be able to choose from hundreds of skills, abilities and tactics, which offer unique character customization. When players no longer have skills to improve, they are considered to have reached their potential, though developers promise that more skills will be added with expansions.

Earthrise will offer fast-paced combat, customizable armor and hundreds of high tech weapons such as assault rifles, submachine guns, plasma guns as well as close combat weapons like knives and katanas.

Questing includes plenty of solo-able quests as well as group (party) quests and party or guild PvP (Player versus Player). Guild rivalries mean that guilds can declare war on other guilds for the chance to gain resources and power.

Earthrise Features

Other exciting Earthrise features include robotic companions that will aid players in combat as well as in inventory management. Gamers can learn to program their robots to play to suit their style of combat and game play.

Crafting will include designing product enhancements from blueprints and recipes and manufacturing, which requires a functioning factory to produce an item from raw or processed materials.

Earthrise promises an advanced market-based, player-driven economy and character progression even when a player is not logged in. Players choose a ‘career’ that they can advance when they are offline to make in-game money. Careers include Electro Sampler, Hobo Artist and Aero-T Operator. If you’d like more of an Earthrise preview check out the screenshots and concept art.

Earthrise Beta Information

Earthrise Hatchery

There is no confirmed date for the Earthrise beta testing yet, but gamers can apply for a closed beta key. Beta keys are in limited number so not all gamers will be chosen. If not selected for Earthrise closed beta testing, developers will give these gamers priority consideration for future beta testing. The devs will contact successful gamers by email. Visit Earthrise beta signup to apply for closed beta.

When Earthrise is actually released it will incur a monthly subscription fee that developers say will be comparable to other current MMORPGs. If you’re more interested in a free to play Sci-Fi MMO, try Knights of Dream City.

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