Monkey Island: Gathering Your Crew and Getting a Ship

Monkey Island: Gathering Your Crew and Getting a Ship
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The Secret Of Monkey Island: So Far

Having completed the three trials in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition you are immediately thrown into the next part of the story. The ghost pirate LeChuck has kidnapped the Governess of Melee Island and no one is brave enough to rescue her. No one but Guybrush Threepwood who must put together a crew and travel to Monkey Island in this part of the story.

Gathering Your Crew

You need three people to join your crew if you are going to go after the Governess. The first of these is the swordmaster Carla, Otis the prisoner and Meathook who you have not yet met. None of these are all that hard to recruit if you know how.

The swordmaster is the easiest of the three to recruit. All you really have to do is walk out to the swordmaster’s house and te

ll her that the Governess has been kidnapped. Next you will want to go to the SCUMM Bar. You will find it empty, collect the mugs that are sitting around the bar. Now go into the kitchen and you will see a barrel. You can fill one of those mugs with the grog. Begin to walk towards the prison. As you go the mug will begin to melt. Use the melting mug on one of the non melted mugs and continue forward. You will have to do this a couple of times. Once at the prison use the grog on the prison cell and you will rescue Otis.

While you are in town make certain you go into the fortune teller’s room. Here you will find a chicken with a pulley in it. You will need this to get to Meathook. Now go to the overhead map and there is a small island on the top right corner of the map. Walk there and you will see a cable. Use the rubber chicken on the cable to travel across. Talk to him and he will, after a bit of convincing, join your crew.

Getting a Ship

Now that you have a crew you’ll need a ship. For this go to the many lights near the bottom of the island. Here you will find Stan’s previously owned vessels. Talk to him until you see the Sea Monkey. You will then be given the option of talking about credit. He will give you a couple of items. Now go back to town and the storekeeper to get credit. He will get the note, but then refuse to give it to you. Watch the way he turns the handle of the safe. Now convince him to leave the store and you can use that same combination to steal the credit note. With this return to the shipyard and you will now need to bargain with Stan until he agrees to 5,000. You are then ready to sail, so return to the village.

The Journey

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Traveling to Monkey Island is not all that difficult. After a discussion you’ll find yourself in the captain’s cabin. Pick up the pen and ink for later. Then open the left drawer and look in. You’ll find a book, look at the book to read it.

Now head outside and climb the mast. There you will find a flag. That is all you need so climb back down. There is a hatch behind the mast. This is very easy to miss. Go down there and in the middle of the room you will find another hatch, go down again. In this room you will see some rope, take that. There are also some barrels of gunpowder on the left. Take some of the gunpowder as well. Also in this room in the chest is some wine which you will need.

Go up one level and through the door to the kitchen. Open the cupboard and you’ll find a bunch of cereal. Take a box and open it. You’ll get a prize, open the prize and you’ll find a key. Return to the captain’s cabin you started in. On the right side of the room is a wardrobe you can open with that key. Open the chest inside and you’ll get paper and cinnamon sticks.

Return to the kitchen and begin to put things into the pot. Eventually you will create a recipe which will knock you unconscious and you’ll wake up. Grab the pot that is on the shelf next to the cereal. You’ll also need to get more gunpowder. Now go to the cannon and use the rope and the gunpowder on it. Then return to the kitchen again. Light the map you have in your inventory on fire.

Return to the cannon, use the cannon and you’ll be shot to the island and the third part of one of the best adventure games of all time.


  • Source: Author’s Own Experience.
  • Images: Screenshots from The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on iPhone.

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