Reaching Monkey Island: What Next?

Reaching Monkey Island: What Next?
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The Secret of Monkey Island: Under Monkey Island

Having finally reached Monkey Island you will discover that it is an accurately named island as you almost immediately see a monkey. You also meet Herman Toothrot who has been stuck on the island alone for some time. You need to get to LeChuck, but first you need the oars for your rowboat. Finding them is easy, but actually getting them from the bottom of the chasm will take much of the rest of the game.

Secret of Monkey Island: Part Three – Under Monkey Island

As soon as you get up you will see a banana, you need to get this. Now go north and you will find yourself in another top down map. Go to the left and you’ll find a mountain with a river in the middle. On the northern rim there is a fort. Here you will find both rope and a spy glass. You will then want to push the cannon. Talk to Herman then pick up the cannon ball and the gun powder.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Getting the Oars

From here go to the right and you’ll find a river fork. Here climb to the top and push the rock off. Now go back down and you’ll find a note under the artwork rock. Read it then push the artwork twice. Now climb back up. If you need another rock take it from the pile of rocks. Now push it off and you’ll hit the banana tree on the beach.

Now return to the bottom of the fork. You will notice if you look that there is a stone dam. Use the gunpowder on this. You will also see a note with a rock on it. The rock is flint. Use that with the cannonball next to the dam and you’ll blow it up and the dried river bed will be filled. This will create a pond where you can get more rope. Now go back down to where you began and you’ll find a crack, go there. Use the rope to get to the oars by using the tree and the stump.

Secret of Monkey Island: Reaching the Giant Monkey Head

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Return to the beach and grab the bananas. Now use the oars on the boat. This will allow you to get to the northern side of the island. You will find a beach on the right side of the island. Now walk to the village.

Once at the village walk all the way to the left side and take the bananas. You will be able to pick up a skull and the plank under it. Pick that up and you can escape. Now go all the way back to the first beach you were on.

From that beach walk to the area that says monkey. Give it your bananas. Return to the overhead map and then to the right. Here you will find a clearing. Follow the path to the idol and the giant monkey head. There you will find a wimpy idol you can take. Now go all the way back to the cannibal’s village by way of the boat at the first beach.

Now when the cannibals appear give them the wimpy little idol. They will leave, but not until opening the door to the room with the banana picker. Take it and Herman will show up. Give him the banana picker and you’ll get the key. Now leave and return so you can talk to the cannibals. Give them the leaflet and they will give you the navigator’s head and then return to the monkey head. Use the key on the monkey head ear and go inside.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Under Monkey Island

Once inside the monkey head you will use the navigator’s head. Follow its directions through the cave. In order to do this stop and the head will turn. Follow the direction that it is looking. Eventually you will come to the ghost ship. Now talk to the navigator’s head and threaten him until you get the necklace.

Walk to the left and you’ll see LeChuck. If you try to walk into the room you’ll be heard, but not chased out. Use the compass with the key on the wall then leave that room. Now return to where the ghost pirates are playing music and go down the hatch.

Walk past the sleeping ghost and into a room with some ghost animals. On the floor are some feathers. Use those on the feet of the sleeping ghost pirate until he drops the jug o grog. Now go back to the key you got from LeChuck on the hatch in the room with the animals.

Now use the grog on the dish in the floor and then walk over and pick up the cooking grease. You can then use that grease on the door on the far right to stop it from creaking. You will go into another room with a sleeping ghost. On the wall are ghost tools. Take those to the room with the animals. Use the tools on the chest to get the things from them. Leave the ship and you’ll be taken back to the cannibal village and you’re ready for the end of the Monkey Island.


  • Sources: Author’s own experience.
  • Images: Screenshots from The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for iPhone.

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