Nintendo DS: Fossil Fighters Fossil's Location and Strategy Guide To Get You Through The Game Faster

Nintendo DS: Fossil Fighters Fossil's Location and Strategy Guide To Get You Through The Game Faster
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Fossil Fighters for the Nintendo DS

Fossil Fighters released on August 10, 2009 and there are some gamers out there that are completely in love with it already. With it’s “Pokemon” type characters and dinosaurs, younger gamers will love this game and will have countless hours of fun playing it. For those ready to find all of the fossils in the game and get to the end, here is your complete guide to finding them all.

First we’ll go through some of the cautions that you need to watch out for and then we’ll go through the different areas in the game that you will need to dig in order to find these fossils you need. And, then we’ll move on to all of the locations and places where you’ll find exactly what you need.

Caution When Finding Your Fossils

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Now, there will be plenty of times when you are trying to dig up a fossil that you’ll come across a fossil fighter. He’ll normally pop right up out of the hole that you just made. You have to beat him to get your fossil, so be prepared as soon as you are done with the hole.

If you find a jewel rock, you’ll always have a fossil fighter challenge you for it. Many times, you won’t get challenged for a fossil but when you do, you’ll have a great chance that it’s a Red Fossil. These are special, rare fossils that give you a great bonus when you clean them, so you want to always fight for a fossil that you are being challenged for.

Areas To Find Fossils In The Game

Of course, there are plenty of areas in the game where you’ll be traveling through, but some hold different types of areas that you have to dig to get fossils in. Here are the different areas and what you’ll find in each area to dig in:

The Greenhorn Plains - This area holds normal fossils as well as pay-to-dig areas where you’ll have to shell out money to get the fossils that you need.

Knotwood Forest - This area holds both normal fossils and then ruins that you’ll need to dig in.

Rivet Ravine - This area holds several different places where you’ll have to dig. There are, of course, the regular fossils and then there are several tunnels (especiall #5 and Mole’s secret tunnel), as well as area 1 and 2, and then another pay-to-dig area.

Bottomsup Bay - This area only holds regular fossils and then a pirate ship that you’ll have to dig in.

The following areas hold different types of fossils and areas that are hard to pin point. So, in them we’ll list them here and then give you the other locations to finding the fossils you need:

B.B. Base

Coldfeet Glacier

Dark Fossil Specials

Donation Points Fossils

Mt. Lavaflow

Parchment Desert

Secret Island


Next Up

In the next part of this guide, we’ll start to go through the different areas where you’ll find the fossils you need.

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