Fossil Fighters: Where To Go And How To Unlock Each Area To Find Your Fossils In The Game In The Beginning Areas

Fossil Fighters for Nintendo DS

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Now that you’ve read the basics of the Fossil Fighters strategy guide, it’s time to move on to the actual locations of the different fossils that you’ll need to complete your game. Along the way, you will find other items that are worth money to you in the game, which you will need for the pay-to-dig sites and to get the equipment that you need to dig. Of course, it is always nice to have the cash your toon needs to get the best gear and such as well! So, without further ado – here are the areas and the different fossils that you’ll find there:

Greenhorn Plains Area

This is the first main area that you’ll get after you finish up the tutorial when you start the game. It’s very basic and just helps you mainly to learn more about playing. But, there are some things here that you’ll need to find. In the general area, there are tons of Small Pearls that give you 500g each, and rocks that give you 40g each as well. The regular fossils that you’ll find here are all air fossils: Shanshan, Goyle, Spinax, and V-raptor.

To get to the Pay-to-Dig area, you have to get your first sandle fossil and the area will be unlocked. The fossils that you will find here are: Andrarch (fire fossil), Carno and Centro and Carchar (all earth fossils), and Neo (neutral fossil.

Knotwood Forest Area

When you get to a level two fighter, you’ll unlock this area of the game. You’ll find the same Small Pearls here as you did in the first area, and you’ll also find Emeralds here that are worth 1000g each as well. The stumps and fossils here that are extra will give you 60g each. The fossils that you’ll find in the normal areas are the Nychus and S-raptor (which are both fire fossils) and the Venator (an earth fossil).

In the ruins areas of this area, you’ll find two different earth fossils: Lexo and Pachy.

Rivet Ravine Area

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There are several sections to this area of the game, and you will find a ton of different fossils here that you will need to complete your collection. To get to this area, you will need to become a level 3 fighter. When you do, you will find both Emeralds as well as Diamonds that are wroth 1500g. These both can easily help to up your money in the game and give you the cash that you need. The stumps and extra fossils will only give you 80g here, but they can add up quickly if you have a lot of them.

The normal fossils that you’ll find here out in the regular areas of the game include: Alectro the water fossil, Coatlus the air fossil, and Megalo the neutral fossil.

In the Pay-to-Dig area, you’ll find Angato the water fossil, Dimorph the fire fossil, Paraloph the air fossil, and Pachrino and Acro the earth fossils.

When you get to the tunnels, you’ll find Stygi the fire fossil, Coatlus and Elasmoth the air fossils, Megalo the neutral fossil, and Nasaur the water fossil.

In tunnel #5, you will find Ourano the earth fossil, and the U-raptor the fire fossil.

In Mole’s secret tunnel, you’ll have to unlock the complete story line of Rivet Ravine to get here. But, you’ll find a ton of great fossils here: Chelon and Tricera the water fossils, Zino the fire fossil, Nodo and Megath the air fossils, and Brachio the neutral fossil.

In area 1 of Rivet Ravine, you’ll find Siamo the fire fossil and Goyo, Metria, and Hypsi the air fossils.

To unlock area 2, you need to finish the story line, and you’ll find these four fossils: Alio the water fossil, Lambeo the fire fossil, and then Cerato and Igua the air fossils.

Bottomsup Bay Area

To get here, you will have to be a level four fighter and you’ll get to gather up some of the great jewels here. These are: Diamonds, Double Pearls which are worth 3000g, Sapphires which are worth 4000g, Double Diamonds which are worth 5000g. And, the rocks here give you 100g each. So, you can easily make more gold the further that you go in the game, to get the better gear and such that are available for you.

The fossils that you’ll find in the normal area here are all water fossils: Plesio, Elasmo, Shoni, and Krona.

When you get to the Pirate Ship, you’ll find three different water fossils: Jiango, Futabi, and Onyx, as well as one air fossil, the M-raptor.

B.B. Base Area

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When you get to be a level 5 fighter, the storyline will change a bit. Suddenly, you are told that Rose is has been kidnapped and you need to bring the idols to a specific dock, then fight the lackey that is there. When you defeat him, you’ll be able to take that ship to the B.B. Base area of the game. You have to make sure that you complete this part of the story line, or you can’t go any further.

Jewels that you will find in this area are the Double Pearls and Sapphires like you found in the previous areas. The rocks here also give a bit more, 120g each now, so these can build up fast too.

As for fossils in this part of Fossil Fighter DS, you’ll find the following: Delta and Dilopho (both water), Pelto, Daspleto and Salto (all earth), Saichan (fire fossil), Kentro, Coelo, Styraco (all air).

Mt. Lavaflow Area

When you get through the previous area, you will come up to a massive block that is blocking the entrance to the next part of the game. Duna will then come up and remove this when you hit level 6 fighter – so you want to make sure that you do everything you can in B.B. Base area to get to level 6.

Here, you’ll find Sapphires and Double Diamonds (which are worth 5000g) as well as normal rocks that give 140g each. The fossils that you’ll find here are either fire or neutral fossils. The fire fossils are: Shuno, Amargo, Saichan, Einio, Yango, and Guan. The neutral fossils are Penta, Tro, and Jara.

Secret Island Area

When you get Dr. Diggins sent back in time, this area will then unlock to you. So, make sure that you get to that point and get him sent back. You’ll find Small Pearls here and Double Diamonds, which are a big jump away from each other, but the rocks here give you 180g.

The fossils that you’ll find here are: Proto (water fossil), Breme, Maia, and Sopteryx (which are fire fossils), Seismo, Anato, Hoplo, and Cheirus (which are all air fossils), as well as the O-raptor (which is a neutral fossil).

Coldfeet Glacier Area

When you finish up the story line in the Parchment Desert area, you’ll get here. There aren’t any jewels here, just rocks that give you 200g. And you’ll find some super water, air, and neutral fossils here.

The water fossils are: Cryo, Ankylo, Sucho, Spino, Mammoth, and Brontoth. The neutral fossils are: Apato, Guera, and Paki. And, the air fossil you will find here is Tarbo.


Once you are toward the end of the game, you can purchase this from the medal-dealer that is by Fossil Lawn for 9800g each.

Donation Point Fossils

During the game, you’ll get donation points when you (or your robot) area able to clean a fossil and it somehow is more dirty than before. You will get a different amount of these points for the different fossils, such as for a 50 point fossil you’ll get 1 donation point, for a 70 point fossil you’ll get 3 points, and for a 100 point fossil you’ll get 10 points.

Special Dark Fossils

There are some things in the game that can only be gotten from the dark fossils that you’ll get after a specific part of Fossil Fighters. When you get to this point in the game, you’ll need the AAA Grade Fossil Appriaser to find them. When you do, you will find that the special dark fossils normally hide the red bones of the vivosaurs that are in that area. You should also find some great jewels in them as well, such as the Quad Diamond, Ruby, Colossal Diamonds, and Giant Pearls. You will also find some dropping fossils, which are for a "Nick Nack" quest. If you have already done this, they only sell for 1g each.


Overall, Fossil Fighters is a pretty challenging game that anyone can enjoy. It’s always fun to dig around and see what you will find in each hole, and you can spend as much time in any area as you want – gathering up jewels and gaining experience for the next level. It is a great little game and an easy way to get younger gamers learning about fossils – even if they are from imaginary dinosaurs and animals.

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