Castle Crashers Characters - The Green Knight

Castle Crashers Characters - The Green Knight
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Did you get an XBox 360 Arcade for the holidays? By now, you’ve discovered all the great games that you can purchase or rent to play, but did you know you can also download games? A great game to get a hold of is that of Castle Crashers, which is available to download for the XBox Live, as well as the Playstation Network as either a free trial or a full purchase with online points.

Castle Crashers - What Is It?

So what is Castle Crashers? The game is essentially a side scroller game that employs some of the elements from RPGs and was

produced by the company Bohemoth. Castle Crashers features four knights, whose quest is to defeat the Evil Wizard and his minions. The Evil Wizard has stolen a magical crystal and has kidnapped four princesses from the neighboring lands. The game can either be played by a solo player or with up to four players.

The game itself has 28 characters, 24 of which can be unlocked by the four main characters of the knights. Players can also receive achievements for doing certain actions, completing missions, or defeating bosses.

Players start by choosing one of the four different knights - the red knight, the blue knight, the green knight, and the orange knight. In this article, we’ll look at one of the starting characters - Castle Crashers' the green knight.

Castle Crashers - The Green Knight

As mentioned, Castle Crashers' the green knight is one of the starting characters of the game that a player can choose either in

Castle Crashers Characters - Green Knight

single play mode or with up to three friends. The green knight’s powers are based on the concept of poison, in which all of his attacks deal with some type of poison that is delivered to enemies. He has three attacks - the poison cloud, the poison shot, and the poison jump.

The poison cloud is the base magic for the green knight and thus is his splash attack, or his basic attack move. This ability allows for a cloud of poison to envelop his enemies or opponents, knocking them over and delivering a damage over time - or DoT - effect. The poison shot is a straight shot of poison that can hit an opponent and is known as the green knight’s projectile attack. Last but not least, the poison jump is a manuver in which a burst of poison propels the green knight in the air, poisoning those around him. This is known as his magic jump.

Unlockable Characters

Like his counterparts, the green knight has the ability to unlock characters. If a player completes the entire game as the green knight, the will be able to unlock the character of the Royal Guard, who is an enemy the player will encounter around the sand castle level. The royal guard has a magic base of powers, including an arrow volley, which rains down arrows, and the ability to throw bombs as his projectile manuver.

If a player plays through the game a second time, this time as the royal guard, they will have the ability to unlock the Saracen, another enemy that the player will encounter during the sand castle level. The saracen’s powers are wind based.

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