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Unlock Some Castle Crashing Fun!

Castle Crashers is traditional beat-em-up that was released for Xbox Live Arcade on August 27th, 2008. The story surrounds four knights of four different colors, orange, red, blue, and green, that set out to rescue four princesses when they were kidnapped by an evil sorcerer and his goons.

Aside from the four starting characters, there are a total of 24 characters to unlock. Most unlocking involves completing the game from start to finish with certain characters, although a few or earned by other means. Here are all of the Castle Crashers characters and how to unlock them.

Periwinkle Knight - Beat the Volcano Arena in single player.

Peasant - Complete the Peasant Arena in single player.

Civilian - Win the game with the Peasant.

Barbarian - Beat the King’s Arena in single player.

Killer Beekeeper - Complete the game with the Barbarian.

Eskimo - Beat the Icy Arena in single player.

Brute - Finish the game using the Eskimo.

Thief - Beat the Thieves' Arena in single player.

Forest Knight - Complete the game using the Thief.

Grey Knight - Defeat the Barbarian Boss.

Black Knight - Complete the game using the Grey Knight.

Skeleton - Beat the game using the Red Knight.

Bear - Finish the game using the Skeleton.

Royal Guard - Beat the game using the Green Knight.

Saracen - Complete the game using the Royal Guard.

Industrial Knight - Win the game using the Blue Knight.

Fencing Knight - Beat the game using the Industrial Knight.

Red Dragon Knight - Finish the game with the Orange Knight.

Ninja - Beat the game using the Red Dragon Knight.

Alien Hominid - Own Alien Hominoid HD and have at least one achievement from it.

More Castle Crashers characters, such as a necromancer and the King, are coming in the form of downloadable content on Xbox Live. It is unknown at this time what this upcoming DLC will cost, if anything.

Happy hunting!

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