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Bomberman Land is really two games in one, plus loads of mini games. The original Bomberman Battle game is nearly the same as Bomberman Blast. You can find an in-depth review of Bomberman Blast here. The review stands true for this mode in Bomberman Land, and anyone who’s ever played Bomberman on Nintendo will know what to expect from this mode.

Story Mode in Bomberman Land begins in area that looks very similar to a mall. The story mode is robust and includes 50 training mini-games to get you in shape for competitions. Each competition is help in a different world with three modes of play. You must rank in the top ten to move forward. The mini-game training is a must even for skilled gamers. To unlock the competitions, you must talk to other Bomberman characters and receive gifts. A store allows you to purchase costume parts, so you can deck out your character and earn extra credits to be used in competition.

The training mini-games in Story Mode are also accessible from the main menu, making this game seem like it has three distinct play modes. From the main menu, you can have up to 4 players compete against each other in things like jump rope and laser ball. Note: Laser ball is one of the first mini-games you’ll have access to for training. Don’t drive yourself crazy with it because it is one of the toughest.

IGN gives Bomberman Land a 7.2 rating, but I would rate it 8.5. It’s a very robust game and one of the best 4 player wii games available at the moment. There is very little click and drag required, like so many of the more detailed Wii games seem to be doing. The mini-games are far more entertaining than Wii Sports and a welcome change of pace.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

Compared to an Xbox 360 shooter, Bomberman Land is nothing exciting to look at. However, compare it to any Wii game you’ve ever played and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The colors are crisp and bold, characters have been updated to look very Web 2.0, and each competition level has its own theme with themed huts that you’ll enjoy exploring.

Speaking of competition, at the begining of each of them there is a video portion where everyone gathers around a big screen to learn the new rules of that particular competition. This gets very old and I really wish there was a way to skip through it.

Game Play and Controls (5 out of 5)

Game play is pretty intuitive with this game, but it never gets boring. In fact, it’s a pretty addictive game that has been pretty underrated if you judge it solely by sales.The game makes perfect use of Wii controls. Some games require click and drag, others have you turn the Wiimote sideways and play Gamecube style, and other mini-games are straight button-mashing madness.

I’ve owned this game for six months. I haven’t beaten it yet and I’m still addicted to it. This is one Nintendo Wii game I won’t be trading in any time soon.

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