Playstation 2 Gamers Teen Titans Helpful Tips

Playstation 2 Gamers Teen Titans Helpful Tips
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Game Play Basics

Fast attack – A fast attack is a simple, quick attack that is best used to start long chains of hits. Hitting your opponent three times in succession with a fast attack will leave them stunned and vulnerable to being picked up and heaved across the room. Charged fast attacks may cause your character to execute an automatic combo, but it doesn’t always happen.

Strong attack – A strong attack is a devastating attack, but is much slower in execution. Use the strong attack on the end of combos as your finishing blow and you’ll win with flair. Use charged strong attacks to control crowds; it allows you to attack opponents in a 360-degree circle around your hero.

Special attack – A special attack is each hero’s projectile-attack that they can use from distance or when standing on an unreachable platform. A charge special attack can produce multiple shots or even a continuous beam that will hit your opponent multiple times.

Charged attack – You can charge any of the Titans' attacks by pressing and holding the appropriate button for each attack for a couple of seconds. You will see charged energy building around your character, just let go of the button and the charged attack will begin. Implementing a charged attack will reduce your charge meter though, but you can refill it just by using normal attacks.


Game play basics covered

The types of attacks are covered

We’ll talk about each of the Teen Titans

Fun, interactive battles

The Teen Titans

Understanding the abilities of all of the Teen Titans is essential, and will make it easier for you to defeat the various opponents and obstacles before you on each stage. This section of the article gives you tips for playing as each of the Titan Titans.

Robin – The Boy Wonder isn’t teamed with the Dark Knight in this game, and being a normal human is the only one without special powers. Robin uses his martial arts training, acrobatic skills, and gadgets to even the odds.

Playing Robin is all about melee attacks and powerful combos that link together multiple attacks for devastating damage to opponents. Robin does have access to his batarangs and deal out damage from a distance, his ranged attack is pretty weak compared to most of the Teen Titans and I suggest only using them as a last resort. Robin’s main attack should be to use Robin’s quick speed to close with an opponent and then release his variety of punches, kicks and Bo staff attacks to defeat them as quick as possible. Once you reach the necessary stage of the game, use his charge attacks, like Bo Staff Uppercut and Vault Kick, they’re auto-combos that string together a series of hits without you having to press additional buttons.

Cyborg – Cyborg is a creature of the future, part man, part machine; he’s a tough and fun Titan to play and is endowed with fantastic strength provided by his machine parts and built in weaponry that rips opponents apart and has them running for cover.

Cyborg is the muscle of the Teen Titans since he has tremendous physical strength that powers his melee attacks and a better than average projectile weapon that makes him a real force in during a battle. Cyborg is slow compared to many of the Teen Titans, so get in close with him and unleash his powerful attacks.

Raven – Raven is a half-human, half-demon Titan from an alternate dimension called Azarath; she uses her powers of telekinesis to aid the Teen Titans as they fight for justice.

Raven is a quick and agile character and a little underpowered compared to the rest of the Titans, but makes up for her deficiencies with very useful abilities. In the early parts of the stages, use her projectile weapon to hit opponents at distance with her energy shots. In the later stages she gets Winds of Azarth, one of the best powers in the game, and an indispensible one when the Titans are fighting hordes of the enemy. This ability allows her to hit every enemy on the screen and stuns them all, letting the Titans get a few seconds of free attacks against opponents.

Starfire – Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamaran, Starfire has the ability to fly and fire starbolts at her enemies.

Starfire is a strong ranged fighter that should be used to hit first and hit hard, before her opponents get in close, where she’s at a disadvantage. Make sure to charge her projectile to unleash a powerful beam attack and then use it to sweep the room or concentrate it on a single enemy to do massive damage.

Beast Boy – A small Titan who is unimposing in his normal human form, but Beast Boy can transform into any animal, real or mythical, and use its attacks and powers against opponents.

Beast Boy has the longest list of available attacks of all the Titans, since he can transform into any number of forms, and he will learn more as the game progresses, so his attack variety only increases as the game progresses and he learns to take on more powerful animals forms. Beast Boy’s ranged attack increases in effectiveness as Beast Boy progresses through the stages, from the power of a mere goat to the strength of a bull in the last stages. In addition, Beast Boys normal attacks and combos all upgrade to let him change into mightier creatures as well. Eventually he’ll be able to manifest the power of the T-Rex, so along with Cyborg; Beast Boy should be your melee attacker.

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