Playstation 2 Gamers Teen Titans Guide: Stages 11 - 14

Playstation 2 Gamers Teen Titans Guide: Stages 11 - 14
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Stages 11

Stage 11

The next stage requires you to turn off some electrical barriers to progress through the game. There are two separate groups of barriers; the first group is easy because you’ll see them on your side of the barrier. You can use regular attacks to make them inactive and bring down the first electrical barrier. The second set isn’t as easy because they’re located on the other side of the second barrier, just toss explosive barrels through to destroy them and bring down the second electrical barrier.

Once Cyborg goes to knocking over the giant billboard, the remaining Teen Titans have to protect his back as enemies that self destruct will abound in the area. Eliminate all of the enemy before they can interfere with Cyborg and stop him from tipping the billboard. Keep it up for awhile and Cyborg will eventually bring down the billboard and you can move to the next area.

The final part of this stage involves the Teen Titans battling against hordes of enemies while Cinderblock tosses explosive barrels into the fray. Don’t take your eyes off of Cinderblock, you need to stay on the move and not get hit by the barrels he throws. Once you defeat all the lesser hordes this stage is over.

Stage 12

In the beginning of this next stage you’ll face-off against Cinderblock, a very strong and challenging character by himself, but because of the hordes of lesser villains that attack along side him during this stage, he’s very challenging to defeat. Concentrate the Teen Titans power attacks on Cinderblock with their charged-up special attacks to wear him down to their level, and then wipe up the floor with the lesser villains to charge up their meters. Keep beating on Cinderblock, once you wear him down to about 50% of his health, the ground will give way and the Teen Titans will fall to a lower level.

In the next part the Teen Titans will be attacked by Cinderblock’s lesser henchmen, while he sits in the background and tries to cave in the Teen Titan’s heads with chunks of stone. Once the Teen Titans have defeated all his henchmen though, Cinderblock will ante up and come down and meet the Teen Titans in the final showdown. Use the Teen Titans charged special attacks once again, once Cinderblock’s health is down to zero, the now familiar Teen Titan icons will appear. Place each Teen Titan on their designated icon and watch as Cinderblock’s world comes crashing down.

Stage 13

The adrenalin never stops during this short but extremely intense stage, move fast, but make sure you take out all the generators, whose shock wave is the main threat to the Teen Titans during this stage. Once you reach an area with a generator, take the generator out first, so it can’t send out a shock wave and really put a damper on the Teen Titans lives.

The generators are the main threat during this short stage, but you’ll also be attacked by unrelenting hordes of lesser villains that will reach their highest levels during this stage. Keep an eye out for the giant blocker robots that will be in almost every area, they will try to combine with the flying robots, and turrets to bring the Teen Titans lives to an end. The best strategy is to take out the enemy that has the greatest potential to do damage to the Teen Titans first, once you have eliminated the biggest threat, the lesser villains will be like gravy on a turkey dinner.

Stage 14

The Teen Titans reality takes a weird twist in this stage as their thrown into darkness and relentlessly attacked by killer bunnies that like the energizer bunny need to be stopped before they will cease or you can progress to the next part of the game. Remember this if you’re ever battling away and trying to figure out how to move to the next part of the game, you need to eliminate all of the enemy first.

This stage has parts that deal with electrified floor segments, keep your eyes on the signal flashes to predict the path of the electricity and just keep out of its way.

You will encounter a small white bunny, don’t blow it away, follow it as Alice did, through the corridors, and it will show you a hidden pathway that seems to go right through a solid wall! You’ll be battling the boss rabbit next, supported by an army of lesser bunnies, just focus on the boss rabbit and it shouldn’t be difficult to take it down, then mop up the floor with his little bunny followers to finish the stage.


GameCube or Playstation 2 video game fun

Xbox version looks about the same as the Playstation 2 version

This game hasn’t been mentioned as a title for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3


These are several important stages in the game and ones that are a lot easier if you know what you are in for in terms of bosses and mobs. Hopefully, these walkthroughs on each stage will help you make your way through the game quicker so that you can beat the bossess asap.

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