Emerald City Confidential Walkthrough

First Things First

First, a little background before we go into the actual walkthrough – Emerald City Confidential takes you back to Oz, during the reign of Ozma. You will play Petra, a former guard of the royal palace turned private investigator looking for her brother William. But to find him, you must uncover the mysteries of the city of Oz and its neighboring countries, encounter famous personalities and save the city.


The Basics

Get Into the Warehouse

This first quest acts as your tutorial actually. Your first quest is to break into the warehouse and to do that, you have to pick up the crowbar to your side and use it on the door.

Get Off the Bridge Alive

Dialogue is very crucial in this game if you want to really understand the story. Here you’ll be choosing among a certain set of options as to what you want to do, ultimately though your best option is to ‘Call for help’.

Lion will come out and you’ll get to engage in converstion – after you’ve gleaned enough information cut this quest by saying "Enough Talk!"

Head back to HQ and look for your notebook. You can find it in your filing cabinet with the key on your desk. From here, you’ll meet your client "Dee" (open the door to talk to her).

A New Case

Investigate Lead at North Gate

You’ll get a new location which is the North Gates. Take the Gump Stand once you leave your office and go to the North Gate. From there you’ll meet Tik Tok and ask him about Anzel.

After talking to Tik Tok, you’ll be going to Grinetta Lane to look for a Betsy Bobbins. Upon arrival you’ll be blocked by Hank the Donkey. He’s Betsy’s personal guard and he won’t let you through without a gift for Betsy.

Find Some Flowers for Betsy

Before you get some flowers for Betsy, go back to the North Gate and check out the map there. When you find out the colors of Quadling and Munchkin Country and go back to your office. You’ll meet a strange man there – talk to him as much as you can before heading to Scraps’ Shop. You’ll have to find an emerald button for her first. Its sitting on the counter with the cans in her shop. You’ll see it glinting. From there, talk to her about buying flowers, get the RED and BLUE ones (from the colors of the country you saw at the Map).

Click on the flowers you got and show them to Hank, he’ll approve them and let you go to Betsy. She’ll tell you about what happened and mention a General Jinjur. To find out where she is, go back to the North Gate and ask Tik Tok where she is.

Where is Anzel?

East Dock – General Jinjur

After talking to Tik Tok, you’ll find out that General Jinjur is at the East Dock. Head over there to find her terrorizing some sailors. Mosey over to the dock area and pick up the item on the dock (cufflinks) and present it to Jinjur. Afterwards, talk to her about Anzel and everything else you might want to ask her.

Follow Lead to University – Pumpkin Patch, University

Talk to Jack at the Pumpkin Patch, then head on over to the University. Go inside and talk to Professor Wogglebug, talk to him to the point where you get introduced to his assistant Cutter. He’ll want to know where Anzel is as well so he’ll hire you. As his assistant, you’ll have access to the Knowledge Machine.

Petra’s Office

When you get back to the office, you’ll meet up with Trot – one of the sailors you saw Jinjur harassing at the Dock. She’ll employ you to help out their case and you’ll be given an option as to what rates you want to charge her. Any option will result in you taking the case.

Shady Pumpkin Business

Investigate Captain Bill

To help Trot, you have to investigate Captain Bill, so head on over to Ruggedo’s Bar and talk to him. While there, pick up the umbrella by the door and the candy on the bar. Talk to both Ruggedo and Captain Bill before heading out of the bar to speak with Jinjur. You’ll form a sort of uneasy alliance as you’re both on the same case. When this is all done, go back to the Docks to speak to Trot.

Retrieve Mysterious Object

Before talking to Trot, you’ll see something floating on the waters of the Dock. Use the umbrella you swiped from the bar to get it. It’s a piece of pumpkin you’ll be needing to further the story on. Afterwards, go talk to Trot and use up all conversation pieces you have before leaving for the University.

Head to the University – Toto

Upon arriving at the University, you’ll meet Toto, Dee’s dog. He’s on a protest demanding that animals have access to knowledge. To get his help, sneak out a Knowledge Pill from the University and give it to him. (First, take a pill for yourself and learn more about Captain Bill’s trial) Professor Wogglebug wont’ let you leave without consuming the Knowledge Pill first, so use the Candy and fool him into thinking you did. Then give the Pill to Toto – as a reward, he’ll let you know whether the pumpkin you picked up from the dock had any traces of magic in it. Before he leaves, he’ll give you a dog whistle – you’ll need it for later.

When People Turn Into Objects

Confront Captain Bill

Now that you know there’s something going on that stinks of pumpkin, go to the Pumpkin Patch and confront Jack, He’ll point you to the direction of the Scarecrow. He’s the strange looking man outside of Petra’s office. When you confront him, he’ll tell you about Anzel and how he sent him over to Ruggedo’s Bar.

Head to Ruggedo’s Bar

Rush to Ruggedo’s and confront him about Anzel. He’ll reveal that Anzel is actual the emerald decanter on his bar counter and that to talk to him, you’ll have to turn into an object yourself. With no other choice, you say yes. At that moment, Jinjur rushes in and arrests Ruggedo for illegal magic use. Without his help, you’ll never turn back into a person again, or so it seems. Talk to Anzel and find out why he decided to turn into a decanter. Take note also that he advises you not to talk to the mirror. Don’t listen to him and strike up a conversation with the conversation. Try and charm her by complimenting her eyes (ask Anzel how to do this first). Once you do, make her tilt herself so that you can see the slip of paper on the floor revealing the spell Ornamentov to turn you back into human.

Confronting Dee

Petra and Dee at the Palace – Transform Anzel
Once outside the bar, a Gump awaits to take you to Dee. Tell her what you know and she’ll tell you to go and find a way to transform Anzel back.To do this, you’ll have to go to visit Jack at the Pumpkin Patch and he’ll tell you to go to Scraps and get what you need from her. Once at Scraps’ you merely have to mention that Jack sent you and she’ll give you the potion that you need as well as another potion that turns anything green. Ruggedo’s Bar With potion in hand you can now go back to Ruggedo’s and transform Anzel. Once you do, he’ll reveal that the item he has is a Spirit Rod. Break off the conversation and rush after him. As soon as you do, he’ll be grabbed by Cutter. And a chase will ensue! Follow that Gump! Get on a Gump of your own and try to follow Cutter and Anzel. They’re ahead so find a way to speed up your Gump – talking to your Gump won’t work but apparently a sugar boost will help! Give your Gump a shot of candy and speed your way to Anzel and Cutter.


Pumpkin Patch
Toto's Quest
Illegal Goods
Snatching up Anzel

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