Emerald City Confidential Walkththrough and the Keystones of Oz

Prisoner of Misfortune

Get out of Prison

Anzel is a hostage, Cutter is a Phanfasm, and you’re in prison. After taking the obliviate pill given by TikTok, you’ll get a visitor. The Scarecrow will ask you why you’re a PI and you should answer with "I want to make a difference." and "I want to finish what I started" and "Yes" The conversation will end with Scarecrow leaving a piece of paper with a spell, Escapum, that will transfer you out of prison. Use the spell on yourself and get out.

Get Past Tik Tok

Once out of prison, grab all your stuff back on the container by the door and the obliviate pill on the shelf. Also read up on the Prisoners Rights handbill on the wall. Then go back to your cell. Go to the door, and call for Tik Tok. Ask him for some food, throw it against the wall and pour the green potion on it. Call back Tik Tok and once he gets in, use the Escapum spell on yourself and run away.

Escape The Palace

Once out of the prison, make your way to the courtyard where you will try to escape. Get back to the Throne Room and find Dee using the mirror. From that, use the dog whistle Toto gave you and have him escort you to her room. Once there, Dee will refuse to pay and will cast spell willing you to silence. Leave and get back to the courtyard. You can now get past Jinjur without waking her up.


Winkie Country

Explore the Town

After the palace cutscenes you’ll have two new areas, Gillikin and Winkie Country. Go to Winkie and explore the area. Go check out Shaggy’s Garage too, to meet Shaggy and the Frog Man. Afterwards head to the Diner where you’ll meet Miss Cayke. When you’re done with go back out and talk to the Tin Man. You’ll strike a deal with him, bring down the Frog Man and he’ll let you use Sawhorse to get to where the Keystone will be.

Frogman’s Villa

Using Sawhorse, get to the Frogman’s villa and arrange to be his contact in the city. First though, you have to smuggle something for him. Go back to your office and get the magical artifact from Scraps. Then head back out to the country and hand over the goods to the Frogman. From there on out, you’re partners. After leaving, Nimee will ask you to deliver something to the Tin Man which he’ll reject. From there move on to Shaggy.

Gillikin Country

Explore Woot’s Arena

First things first, go pick up the copper rod by the grass before the Arena, then head to Glinda’s Tower and pick up that Tonk Rock before heading to the Arena. Go in, talk to Woot the Wanderer as much as you can before talking to the Wizard of Oz. Then go inside the cafe and buy the two cakes that you need. Talk to all the people there too and oh yes, the rope.Talk to the rope and help him out, by handing him that Tonk Rock you found at the base of Glinda’s Tower. Once freed, he’ll then team up with you.

Getting into Glinda’s Tower

Apparently, the key to Glinda’s Tower is given to the winner. Talk to Woot into signing up and he’ll tell you that you need a coach first. Get the Wizard to be yor coach by defeating his student with the Escapum spell. Afterwards, sign up for the fight and win it with the new Sap Spell given to you. So defeat Mombi in a fight, use only the Sap spell when picking a spell. The heavy cake will be used to fight off the wind spell, the rope to counter the hole spell and the lightning spell will be deflected by the copper rod. You should have affixed to the loose post on the arena. Do this and voila, you’ll be the Queen of the Ring.

Freeing Glinda and Defeating Mombi

Go to the Tower with the Wizard and free Glinda. Once you do, Mombi will appear and fight with Glinda, trying to throw off the Wizard. Give him the light cake and help Glinda defeat her. From there, it’s easy street.

The Final Chapter

Get to Phanfasm Island

To get to palace, collect the money from the Scarecrow, talk to TikTok for help and apply to become ambassador first. You’ll get denied of course, that’s where the money comes in. Pay the Lion to represent you and sue the city to become the Ambassador. Get everything ready and grab the potion, and announce to the Scarecrow that you’re ready.

Rescuing Ozma

Cast a Sap Spell on Ozma to shut her up, you won’t do it of course even though she deserves it and you so want to! Just use the Escapum spell to get out of there and she’ll give you a reversal spell that will come in handy.

The Castle Obstacles

Now to find Willam/Cutter! Once out of the castle, you’ll need to cross a chasm. Use the biguuf spell on the sapling to make it grow and then reversal spell to make the woodsia spell reverse itself, bringing down the log for you to cross the chasm. Use the reverse escapum on yourself to get into the prison and talk to Anzel. He’ll let you know the layout of the castle. Give him the potion so he can return to Oz and go on your way. A Phanfasm looking like a dog will block you, so use the dog whistle on him to escape. Talk to William at the Library and convince him to help rescue Ozma. Get to the volcana and free Ozma using the woodsia spell. Then run away before the First gets his hands on you. At the staircase, use the reverse biguuf spell on the vines to escape the first. Finally at the Main Hallway use the reverse teleportrait spell on the First to trap him and torch his portrait to end the war.

Reuniting With WIlliam

Get William out of prison by placing him in the photo frame you brought with you using the teleportrait spell and end the Emerald CIty Confidential game!


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