PSP Gamers’ G-Force Review: A Super Kid’s Video Game For Your Young Gamers

The Great Parts (4 out of 5)

G-Force allows you to play as a special secret agent working for the government

G-Force for the PSP is a riot, playing Darwin in this kids video game as he uses all his secret agents skills and gadgets kept me laughing and playing for hours on end. Keen Studios did an excellent job of making this video game a great PSP experience. They had to strip down this video game to make it a useful experience on the PSP and they did a wonderful job.

G-Force on the PSP includes linear action of a 3D platformer with a bit of fun Clank and Ratchet style combat thrown in. They also included fun and useful puzzle elements that add nice variety and make playing this video game a lot more fun.

Darwin is only about one foot tall, so the environments and objects being human-scaled adds a nice element of visual appeal that’s enhanced beautifully by the camera angles used. Darwin needs to climb, use his jet-pack, and make use of all of his gadgets as you play and the camera angles are matched wonderfully to Darwin’s view of the world.

The Bad Parts (4 out of 5)

There are a few performance issues that could be a result of rushing the PSP version of G-Force to the stores in order to coincide with the release of the movie. This includes the mini-game that feels and plays like a basic game of Dance Dance Revolution that requires you to use the X, D, square and triangle buttons to stay in time with the tempo of music.

The PSP version of G-Force isn’t a serious hardcore gamer’s experience, but for casual gamers and kids this title will be highly useful, satisfying and entertaining to play.

The Graphical Picture (4 out of 5)

The graphical presentation included with the PSP version of G-Force is excellent for a PSP production and the developers obviously have a good understanding of what’s currently possible on the PSP and what isn’t possible. The included cut scenes in this production are some of the best I have seen for the PSP. They’re very well acted, interesting to watch and have high production values. The 3D engine is decent, nice visual effects, smooth animations and a solid frame rate that stays pretty constant.


G-Force for the PSP
G-Force is a fun and entertaining game

Sounds in the Game (4 out of 5)

The sound track included with the PSP version of G-Force has nice sounding songs that you’ll remember from the movie and other songs that they must have included as filler. The sound effects are excellent, all the gadgets and weapons used have a unique sound that you’ll come to recognize and the voices of the characters have all been wonderfully reproduced for this PSP title.

The Story Line (3 out of 5)

In G-Force you play the main character Darwin, and occasionally Mooch or a useful mole character, a government trained secret agent guinea pig in command of a highly trained team of secret agent guinea pigs. Your job is to battle the evil intentions of mysterious billionaire Leonard Saber and his legions of obedient robot household appliances. The writing included with G-Force is actually pretty weak and it’s easy to predict the simple plot twists included as you play.

Playability (3 out of 5)

The PSP version of G-Force is a very playable video game for a linear experience. Keen Studios did a good job of making the game play exciting and the environments included with this video game challenging for Darwin to play in. There’s lots of button mashing included, but the game play becomes harder as you progress through the game, and Darwin needs to do lots of fun and satisfying jumping and leaping attack combinations to succeed. You do get to play the game as Mooch as well as Darwin and these parts were extremely useful and entertaining to take part in. The gadgets and weapons you use are highly entertaining in the variety of types and they add beautifully to the game play. They only included six missions for you to play with the PSP version of G-Force which only took me about four hours to complete.

The Last Word (3 out of 5)

The PSP version of G-Force is a stripped down version of the console editions but it can still entertains and engages the senses in a fun adventure. The game play becomes repetitive near the end and the unlockables aren’t much fun and don’t add much in the way of entertainment. Still this game is great for kids and casual gamers who want to spend a few hours of platforming fun with interesting characters implementing innovative and useful gadgets.

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