PC Gamers G-Force Video Game Review

The Fun Parts (4 out of 5)

G-Force for the PC is part Ratchet and Clank and part Splinter Cell and embodies entertaining parts of both titles. Leaping, jumping, and flying as Darwin as he takes on the robot-like appliances of billionaire Leonard Saber is the best part of this experience. The platforming is solid and smooth, the combat useful and engaging and the gameplay increasingly challenging as you progress through the game.

The Unreal Engine they implemented with this title works wonderfully to create a 3D effect that is entertaining and engaging, yet still needs some work. This engine is a very mature engine that needs to be updated for the space-age, if it's going to create a better 3D effect to implement in their future video games.

The design of the enemies Darwin and his team of secret agent guinea pigs must defeat have an amazing amount of variety in both the visual look and attacks. Darwin and his team will have to face off against all the appliances you can find in the home and then some.

The Bad Parts (3 out of 5)

The 3D effect they have created for the PC version of G-Force using the Unreal Engine is flawed with this video game. They implemented the old blue-red concept of the original 3D technology first introduced in the 1950's and the age of this technology is definitely showing in the presentation.

The Graphics (3 out of 5)

The presentation included with the PC version of G-Force contains environments that all look basically the same. The environments are all bland corporate offices with the same materials and objects as you progress through the levels. You do get to take Darwin through a few air ducts and he'll have to shimmy along a few drainpipes but other than this the environments look the same. The animations of the characters in the PC version of G-Force are the best part. The combat and all the movements are smooth and precise as you move around the environments.

Sounds (3 out of 5)

The sounds of combat in the PC version of G-Force will keep you entertained and your energy high as Darwin jumps, leaps and even flies across the environments. Most of the enemies you'll face have a unique sound that helps you recognize them in future encounters. The soundtrack included is a nice collection of popular tunes, many of which you'll recognize, that have been implemented beautifully to increase the entertainment level of this video game. The voice acting included in this video game is outstanding entertainment that adds character and depth to the game play. The actor that created the voice for Darwin did an amazing job of creating a character with attitude to spare and talent that is confident and kind of cocky.

Playability (4 out of 5)

G-Force on the PC is a useful and engaging action adventure video game with great combat gameplay that makes this title an extremely playable experience that increases in challenge as you progress. The espionage gameplay isn't as compelling and engrossing as the combat which is a missed opportunity to make this title a great game. It usually consists of holding down an action button to hack into a console. You'll occasionally have to use Darwin's infrared goggles but that's about it for the espionage game play.

The puzzles you have to solve as you progress through the levels increase in difficulty as you play. You'll need to solve puzzles involving disabling or reconnecting power to open doors or destroy shield generators. You also need to implement your handy and useful fly Mooch to move through the blades of fans and other things. This part of the game play allows Darwin to travel through areas of the environments that Darwin wouldn't be able to traverse without Mooch.

The Last Word (4 out of 5)

G-Force for the PC is a very entertaining video game that's suitable for all ages and types of gamers. Hardcore gamers and casual gamers will love the enemy designs and fun combat elements. They do need to work on the 3D effect they included but this is a good first attempt at a difficult task.

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