Guide to How Does Jenga Work?

Guide to How Does Jenga Work?
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Jenga is a very popular wooden block game that was introduced in the 1980s. So, how does Jenga work? The main object of the game is to remove one wooden block at a time to create a high tower out of the wooden blocks - without making it fall down. More of the basics on how to play Jenga will be covered in the next section.

This is a very fun family friendly game that can be played with a very broad age group. It is officially for ages 6 and up, but some younger than that can play too. The large age group makes Jenga a perfect game for families to play at family gatherings and can be played from the grandparents down to the grandkids, which makes for some really fun family memories.

This is also a game that is great for younger kids to learn some planning skills, as well as hand and eye coordination, and building skills. This is a fun game for a party, and even can be played in a classroom setting.

How Does Jenga Work?

Jenga is a rather simple game for groups to play. Here are the basics of playing the game:

Jenga Game

  • Have someone setup the Jenga tower on a flat surface that is sturdy and is easy to maneuver around for when players have their turn. The tower is constructed with three wooden blocks each level, with 18 levels in the tower. The levels will also have alternating directions of the tower at right angles.

  • The person that setup the tower will be the person that gets to go first. This person will use one hand to move one of the blocks from the tower and place it on the top of the tower.

  • Only wooden blocks that are below a completed level of blocks (three to the level) may be removed.

  • Players take turns removing blocks and placing them on top of the tower. After 10 seconds of a block being placed, it is the next person’s turn.

  • If the tower falls before the 10 seconds have passed, the person who placed the last block loses. If the tower falls on someone’s turn, they lose.

Jenga Game Falling Down

  • The person who placed the last block without it falling wins the game.

  • The loser must setup the tower for the next game.

So, how does Jenga work if playing alone? Well, if you are playing this game alone it is really just for practice so you can get better at it. This is something that anyone can have fun doing, and will also improve your skills at this game for the next time it is pulled out for a party!

Overall, just have fun and enjoy playing it with friends, or by yourself!


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