What is the Jenga Game and How to Play Jenga

What is the Jenga Game and How to Play Jenga
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What is the Jenga Game?

The very popular wooden block game called Jenga has been around since the 1980s. It consists of a three wooden block per level Jenga tower that consists of 18 levels. The goal of the game is to build the tower up higher without having it fall when it is your turn.

It is really quite an easy game to play and doesn’t have very many rules or directions to it. This makes for a very fun game to be played for family game night and can include everyone from the grandparents to the grandkids. It is however, aimed at children aged 6 years old and up.

Where to Play the Jenga Game

Jenga Game

Jenga really should be played on a very stable surface so that it won’t be bumped and ruin the game for the players. A sturdy table or countertop is usually the best bet for setting up Jenga. The Jenga game is also very fun to play with a group of people, so it is fun to pull out for parties and family gatherings. Jenga is also a fun game for the classroom and teaches building skills, hand and eye coordination, and other social skills with games.

How to Play Jenga

Jenga is actually a rather simple game to learn the rules to playing it. They made it easy enough for young kids to play it, so it isn’t too difficult to remember the rules to.

Someone will need to volunteer to setup the Jenga tower. This needs to be (as mentioned above) on a flat and sturdy surface that is also easy to maneuver around for the players to take their turns.

The Jenga tower consists of 18 levels of rows of three. Each alternating level will have the wooden blocks rotated in a right angle, so they will be facing different directions.

Jenga Game Falling Down

After the Jenga tower is constructed, players take turns pulling out a single Jenga wooden block (with one hand used at a time), and then placing it ontop of the tower in the same pattern the original tower was constructed in. Players may only remove a block from below a completed level in the tower.

A player has 10 seconds after the block is placed on top before their turn ends. If the tower falls in this time frame, they lose. If the player is on their turn, and the tower falls, they lose.

The last person who placed a wooden block without the tower falling wins!

The loser must then setup the tower for the next game.

Have fun playing the Jenga game with your family, friends, even classmates. Just don’t use the blocks for throwing, and everyone will have a fun time building the tower up as high as they can, and then watching it fall down!