Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough for the PC: Entering the Hive

Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough for the PC: Entering the Hive
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Back in Town

You need to help the Ice Cream Man in order to make progress. He’ll ask you to clean garbage. The Havoc Gloves' shockwave is essential here. Scan one of the Debris Piles first. There are a total of 39 piles to clean up.

The first 6 piles are on the side of the first force field. A pop-up will tell you that you can use the Havoc Gloves to tunnel underneath the field. . Once on the other side there are 9 more piles, and a few ants to kill. Keep tunneling under force fields to reach the other Debris Piles. Deal with the Sarge Ants. Once you have destroyed all 39, return to the Ice Cream Man.

The Orphanage

When you return to the Ice Cream Man, he’ll ask you to help some children trapped at the orphanage. Climb down the manhole near the parlor. It’s another protectosphere mini-game, and of course, harder than the last two courses. Don’t forget to slow down when necessary. Beware of overshooting yourself.

Once you reach the orphanage, scan the children: Hendy, Camilla and Bacon, and Jonathan. There’s also a chest with a Max Energy Cheat blueprint. You now have access to the Hive.

Getting to the Hive

With the ice cream shop now open, you can enter the Hive. Great, more bugs. Inside the shop is a chest with another blueprint. You may opt to return to the Robinson House to get some upgrades, or to continue. When you enter the Hive, scan the Hive Lights, the Crate Ant and the Subterranean Luminomium. There’s also the guy in the red ant suit, Melvin. Approach him to initiate dialogue.

You’ll need to disable the force field. Use your Varsity Gloves to zap the Crate Ant. Tunnel underneath the field with Havoc Gloves.Scan the Conveyor Belt and the Hive Main Door. Head to left and walk along the ledge. You’ll find an object, scan it, Monolith 1. It will have a code. Remember it.

Collecting Bugs

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Go back now that you know how to open the force field. Scan the Hive Code Terminal and use it, enter the code from the Monolith and the force field will drop.Return to Melvin and he’ll ask you to get some gold bugs. When he has them, he’ll let you inside the throne room. After this, the Hive Main Door will open.

You need only 10 gold bugs, but there are more than 10 inside the Hive. There’s one in the room with you and Melvin. Second bug is at the side cavern, there’s a crystal you should shoot with Havoc Gloves at close range. Third and fourth are on the path near the force field. Fifth is by the conveyor belt. Near the Main Door, there are some stuff you can disassemble to grab the sixth bug. Seventh is near the Monolith Component up ahead. Eighth and Ninth are close the aid station. Scan the Elevator Generator and the Hive Security Scanner. Tunnel underneath the scanner and step on the red circle to deactivate it. Tenth bug is there. Once you have all 10, return to Melvin. Melvin will head down and you’ll need to follow him. Scan the Monoliths along the way to grab the code. Once you’re near the Hive Throne Room, there’s a Transmogrifier and a new thing to scan, the Hive Egg Machine. Make what you can at the Transmogrifier and prepare for a boss battle. Talk to Melvin to open the throne room door.

Battling Lizzy

A big blue ant will come to protect Her Majesty. Scan it, Lieutenant. Tunnel charge them with the Havoc Gloves. Avoid Lizzy’s attacks, but try to scan the ants she throws at you (Infants). You have to take out 8 shield generators to defeat Lizzy. If you take out the first lieutenant, a second one will appear. Kill it the same way. Once all the generators are out, Lizzy will be defeated.

Magama Industries

Your next mission is to recover the Time Machine. Head over to Magma Industries. You will receive the Lev Gun. Your latest gadget basically makes things float. Scan the Magma Industries Bridge Gate and the Eruptor before proceeding. Use the Lev Gun at the door to raise it. Enter.

2 zaps of the Varsity Glove should take out the Eruptor. Scan the Eruptor Delivery System and the Boiler Lock. Shoot the Eruptor twice to take out the Boiler Lock so you can move on.

Continue dealing with Eruptor robots and Boiler Locks and you’ll see a draw bridge. Once the boilers are destroyed the bridge will raise, cross it. Climb the stairs and you’ll have a dialogue with Emperor Stanley. Two new robots will appear: the Magma Industries Hoplite and the Magma Industries Hoplite Leader. Raise them with the Lev Gun and attack with the Varsity Gun while they’re floating.

Walking Around

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Magma Industries Grand Entrance. Scan it. Use the blocks to head above; push one and use the Lev Gun on another. Go to the steam vent. Walk along the ledge and stop when steam is being released. When the steam stops, continue. Use the nearby aid station if necessary. Scan the Maintenance Hatch and kill the robots. Disassemble the hatch and climb down.

In the next area, scan the Eruptor Sucker. Use the Lev Gun on an Eruptor and stand in front of the sucker. When it charges, get out of the way. Climb one of the ladders and you’ll see an Eruptor Spitter. Scan it, shoot an eruptor twice and head on to the other side. There will be a door that opens. Scan the Magma Industries Monitor in the hallway and go through the door.

Battling Prometheus

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Before anything else, scan Prometheus. Given his name he won’t prove to be much of a titanic battle. There are 4 chains you have to destroy to defeat Prometheus. Before trying to destroy them, familiarize yourself with Prometheus' attack patterns. If he hits you, you’re crushed. You can also use the pointed rocks at the center of the room to attack him. Just shoot them with the Lev Gun then with the Havoc Glove. Also beware of his Lava Spit. Try to get his Spit attack to weaken the chains. Once all 4 chains are destroyed, you’ve vanquished Prometheus! Time to head back home.

Once you return home, finish up whatever loose ends you need to do (challenges, upgrades, etc.) You can also scan two new people in the house: Lizzy and Stanley. Once you’re done with all your preparations, talk to Carl. It’s time for the last boss.

Final Boss Fight: Doris the Menace

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Defeating Mega-Doris takes three stages. For the first stage, shoot the 6 red circles around the perimeters. 2 zaps from the Varsity Gloves should take out 1 circle. If you’re low on health or energy, take out the Mini Bowler Hats. Second stage would need you to use the Disassembler. You have to remove the panels protecting the inner core. After all, you need blast the inner core to defeat it. There are 3 main armor panels but you only have to disassemble 1 to access Mega-Doris' inner core. the third stage starts once the core is exposed. Just shoot the inner core with your Varsity Gloves like there’s no tomorrow. After a few hits, the giant crazy hat robot should go down.

And there, congratulations, you have just finished Meet the Robinsons for the PC! Now just sit back, watch the ending cinematic, and maybe take out a DVD of the movie and grab some popcorn just in case. After all, it picks up where the game ends! Might as well keep moving forward.