Guide to Toontown Online's Toontown Central

Guide to Toontown Online's Toontown Central
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Toontown Online

Toontown Online is Disney’s massive RPG that has a fan base that crosses over many age barriers. After all, the slapstick humor found in so many cartoons is widely appealing to lots of people, and Toontown is played by millions across the globe.

You can design your own toon- clothes, colors, head shape and more. You will also get your own home that you can decorate. Collect gags that you will use to stop the evil corporate Cogs from taking over. Earn jellybeans that you can use to buy new clothes and Doodles (pets). The fun in Toontown Online never stops!

The playgrounds are a huge part of the game, and you can do so many things at them like get new tasks (ToonTasks) and play mini-games within the game of Toontown.

Toontown Central is the first playground you’ll visit upon creating your toon, and it is the main playground in the game. This guide will show you all the things you can do in Toontown Central.

Toontown Headquarters

Toontown Headquarters is a place you will visit often, and is the first place you will go in Toontown Central. Here you will receive your first

Toontown Headquarters

ToonTask from Harry. Once you have finished your first task you return to Harry for your reward and he will guide you on what to do next. You can visit the headquarters at anytime for a new task, or tips from the other toons working behind the desk.

Public Parties

Not in the mood to battle Cogs? Would you rather have fun and do a little socializing? Go to the Public Parties building in Toontown Central to join a cool party with other toons. A list will pop up with the avaible public parties that you can go to. Select the player’s name on the list that is throwing the party, and you can see what kinds of activities they are doing at the party before you decide if you’d like to attend.

There’s tons of things to do at the Public Parties in Toontown- everything from dance parties to fireworks displays. You can meet new friends and forget about those dreadful Cogs for a little bit. You can even pay to throw your own party using jellybeans that you earn.

Goofy’s Gag Shop

Go to Goofy’s Gag Shop to buy more gags to use in combat against the Cogs. Goofy has a variety of gags for you to choose from, but you will only be able to buy two when you first start playing. As you gain more experience and battle Cogs, you will be able to buy more gags from Goofy. You pay for gags with jellybeans, and if you are low on jellybeans then you can play a trolley game first to earn some.

Trolley Games

Trolley games

Hop on the trolley, located right next to Goofy’s Gag Shop, and play a wide variety of mini-games. You could probably play the mini-games all day- they are so much fun and you will receive jellybeans for playing them. Some of the mini-games you can play include a Toontown version of pac man, tag and catch the apple.

Pet Shop

Visit the pet shop when you are ready to buy yourself a cool, new Toontown pet called a Doodle. You can also sell your Doodles back to the Pet Shop, and they will buy the fish you catch as well.

Goofy’s Speedway

Just like the trolley games, Goofy’s Speedway is like another game within Toontown. Here you can buy your own racing kart and upgrade it

Goofy’s Speedway

also. There are many tracks for you to choose from at Goofy’s Speedway and you can even try your racing skills out on a few test tracks.

Clothing Store

At the Clothing Store Tammy the Tailor will show you the many options you have for purchase. If you are tired of your current threads, then go see Tammy!

Other places and things to do in Toontown Central

Toontown Central

Ice cream cones

If you happen to notice the floating ice cream cones in Toontown Central, then you might be wondering what they are. The ice cream cones are energy bursts for when you are feeling low. Cogs make you feel sad when they win against you in combat, and you will need to feel happy again before you can go venture the streets of Toontown to face them. Simply spending time in Toontown Central will do this, but the ice cream cones help speed up the process. Who doesn’t feel good after a yummy ice cream cone?

The streets

You will also notice all the streets in Toontown Central. These lead out to the real gameplay and of course, that means there will be Cogs. Be sure to wear your happy face and the Cogs won’t know what to do!


There are many places that you can go fishing in Toontown. Catch as many fish as you can and sell them at the Pet Shop.

Other places to receive Toontasks

Toontown Headquarters is not the only place you can receive ToonTasks and advice for the game. Visit Toontown Hall, Toontown Bank, Toontown Library and Toontown Schoolhouse for more adventures and learning lessons.