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    • King of Fighters i-002 Rocks its Way on to the iPhone
      Aside from Street Fighter, the other game which I used to play in the arcade and on my PlayStation console is King of Fighters. SNK, the game developer has just made their cult fighting game available for the iPhone. And it's a great iPhone arcade fighting game.
    • TNA iMPACT for the iPhone Reviewed
      Wrestling games have a tradition of disappointing fans with nearly every release since their inception, as game developers have always had trouble capturing the spirit of pro wrestling within an engaging combat system. Is TNA Wrestling iMPACT one of the rare games to buck the trend? Yes, and no.
    • Free Fighting Games: Get Ready to Rumble !
      There is nothing like a good rumble to prove your integrity. Try these free fight games and show them what you are made of ! These online social games will have you fighting everything from ninjas to zombies.
    • UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Review
      UFC Fight nation is a Facebook RPG based upon the popular UFC fighting sport. Players assume the role of a UFC fighter and battle other Facebook users to become the ultimate fighter.
    • FaceFighter iPhone Game Review
      Appy Entertainment's FaceFighter for the iPhone simply rocks! Not because of its innovative gameplay or astonishing animation but because of the fact that it gives you the chance to beat the heck out of your friends, teachers, bosses and co-workers' faces.
    • Smack Boxing Review: iPhone Games Review
      Smack Boxing is a cool boxing game for the iPhone especially geared for gamers who are not into serious type of boxing game. To enjoy this game, you have to lower your expectations and standards a bit, as this game is nothing near to the Fight Night game for game for the PSP.