Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design - Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Production

Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design - Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Production
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Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design doesn’t really require much business skill to succeed. The key to success is completing the challenges, keeping up with your orders, and getting good at the various production games. I’ve got a few tips for anyone having trouble building up their chocolate empire.

Top Chocolatier Production: General

The most important aspect of Chocolatier 3 is getting the highest production possible.

You shouldn’t be afraid to make a mistake though. I sometimes intentionally make mistakes to keep the machines from reaching absurd speeds. The increased accuracy from the slowed machine can easily make up for the one lost ingredient.

Top Chocolatier Production: Bars

For chocolate bars, you just need to be fast. If you manage to fill all five trays, then they all disappear at once. This will drastically increase your rate of production, since you won’t have to wait for the machine to take the chocolate. The biggest hangup in Chocolatier 3 is usually waiting for the machine to clear the tray, so this really helps. I managed to get 35 bars on a fairly simple recipe. That seemed to be the practical limit though.

Top Chocolatier Production: Coffee and Coffee Blends

Coffee and Coffee Blends use the same processes and have the same tricks. You just need to keep making groupings. The real trick is in not quickly completing a block of three. You’ll want to make little squares that you can quickly complete for a big bonus. Also try to keep an even distribution. The machine stops when you run out of one ingredient, so it doesn’t do you any good to not have a fairly even distribution. Feel free to intentionally waste an ingredient or two to slow down the belt if it starts moving too fast.

Top Chocolatier Production: Advanced Items

Infusions and Truffles are just an advanced form of the chocolate bar. Chocolatier 3 throws in two different colors for you to deal with though. If you mix and match, then the machine will turn it into one case when it reaches the intake. This happens very slowly and will wreck your production rate if you rely on it.

Making infusions and truffles in Chocolatier 3 will require some real skill

Try to keep to the same color. Filling one up with the same color results in a 5 case bonus. It also automatically clears without having to get near the intake. This allows for very high levels of production. I know I’ve personally gotten up to 56 cases for both of these. The key is staying calm and being very careful. Speed will just mess up your combinations here.

Exotics are just the last extension. These require a lot of ingredients and there’s a third color to deal with now. The same rules apply, but you are going to be stuck with low production rates unless you just get lucky with the order of ingredients.

Efficient Order Handling

After production, the most important part of the game is managing your supplies. You need to be able to keep a mental note of the different markets and the different ingredients that they hold. At the beginning of the game, you are probably going to have fairly low reserves due to your small budget. You’ll have to deal with this by only buying essential ingredients and keeping basic reserves. Just have a five week supply for anything besides sugar, milk, or cacao. Obviously feel free to stock up on special deals and fruits in season. That’s just smart planning. As you get more successful, you will find that you have more wiggle room to buy in bulk.

Remember that your goods can and will expire if you don’t put them into use. Don’t bother buying much of anything exotic if you don’t plan to produce it you finish the order.

Always mouse over the ingredients. Your ledger keeps track of your purchases and makes a note of recent prices. This is the really quick way to find out if you are getting a good deal on something.

That said, deals aren’t that important. The only really noticeable deal revolves around whether fruit is in season or not. You can find some great deals, but by the time you are dealing with such ingredients you will be past the point of counting small change. You’ll still be able to make a profit as long as you don’t catch it at the absolute peak price.

Making a Fortune

It isn’t that hard to get by in Chocolatier 3. The business world isn’t too punishing. It is incredibly rare for it to even be possible to make a loss on a chocolate product. You would have to buy the ingredients at their peak price and sell the chocolates at their low point. The good news is that this frees you up to only worry about a few sides of the business.

Getting a good deal at the market is key in Chocolatier 3

I suggest that you just let your factories produce as much as they can in mass, so that you always have goods around to sell when you’re low on cash. Coffees seem to be very good for earning easy money. After you unlock the coffee trade in Tangiers, you will have a number of simple coffees that have nearly a 100% return on average. All you have to do is stock up on the coffee beans and cream. The other bonus is that your first shop will be a coffee shop, so you will quickly have a guaranteed outlet for you goods. My personal favorite was to make “Special Blend” or “Irish Coffee” as a backup money maker. I could usually have the factory producing 50 cases a week for an amazing profit.

Focus on getting shops as soon as they become available. You are basically set once you get your second shop. The first is just the coffee shop in Tangiers, which is useful but somewhat limited since you can only sell coffee there. Partnering with the second will let you sell all of your chocolate goods at a guaranteed price. This is usually about 90% of the highest market value. It’s almost impossible to lose money once you have this in place. All your shops will also pass along special orders that offer huge rewards on fairly lenient time schedules.

At this point, making money is fairly simple. You just need to buy supplies in bulk and let most of your factories run off large amounts of just about anything you feel like. Only have them take breaks for special orders or missions. Move up to higher quality products until you find one that you can easily supply in bulk. Then just keep moving through the missions. If you need money, sell off your available inventory at a shop.

Odds ands Ends

Keep a good eye for special quests for cacao and sugar. For a fairly cheap order, you can usually get a ridiculous amount of these basic goods. It’s a good way to save a bit of money in the long run, and get a sufficient supply for nearly a year’s worth of production.

Once you get the Tokyo factory, try to keep some cash on hand. You should soon get two very good offers. The first is a special telegraph for $100,000. This will let you remotely change the production orders for your factories. You still have to do the initial run, but you can easily switch an idle factory to another production cycle until you can resupply it.

Remember to check the ports for information about new quests in Chocolatier 3

The second good is a corporate jet for $500,000. This reduces all travel times to one week and makes all travel in the game free. This is obviously very useful as the map expands and travel costs continue to rise.

The creations don’t really matter that much. If you don’t want to bother with crafting some personal dream, then just pick objects that fit the basic requirements and have it do a random design. You don’t have to produce them often. They will only come into play for a few of the missions. For this reason, I suggest that you just focus on making a recipe that is very easy to supply.

Wrap Up

This concludes the guide for Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design. If you are having any trouble with the game, then I hope that these tips helped. The key is to just keep at it and focus on the puzzle aspects. Everything else tends to fall into place naturally after that’s been accomplished.