Cafe World Facebook Cheat: Teleportation

Cafe World Facebook Cheat: Teleportation
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How Cafe World Works Normally

Zynga’s Cafe World on Facebook is a restaurant simulation game. In it, you cook food on stoves and move finished dishes from stoves to counters. Then your waitstaff serves food from counters to diner tables, and clear tables after the diners are done. If diners like the service, your buzz rating goes up. If not, it goes down.

Diners are an impatient lot. If food doesn’t arrive fast enough, they leave. What causes food to not arrive fast enough? Well, the timer starts ticking the moment a diner sits down. It takes time for your waitstaff to walk to the counter to fetch the food, then walk from the counter to deliver the food. If the diner has chosen a dirty table, the waitstaff must also clear it first. If you don’t have enough waitstaff, they might all be busy clearing other tables or serving other diners.

There are ways to set up your Cafe World layout so that diners walk as far as possible to the tables, and waitstaff walk as little as possible between tables and counters. However, it’s a lot faster if the waitstaff don’t have to walk at all.

Cafe World Facebook Cheat: Teleportation

The teleport cheat exploits a layout bug in Cafe World, where waitstaff who can’t physically reach a table will just use telekinesis instead. Food magically appears before the diner, and empty dishes magically disappear - all while the waitstaff are nowhere near the tables. To use the cheat, just set up the layout of your cafe with the following guidelines:

  • The waitstaff must be able to reach the undercounter dish access side of each counter.
  • Each table must have at least one side open - not facing a wall, another table, or the chair.
  • Obstacles must prevent the waitstaff from actually, physically reaching the tables. These can be the counters themselves, or a row of partitions or decorations.
  • Waitstaff can stand on top of each other, so you only need to leave enough space by the counters for one.

Once the layout is set up and working, the waitstaff should pop up on the side of the counters with the dish accesses. Service gets very fast, you can cover a lot more tables with fewer staff, and your buzz rating skyrockets.

The Cheat in Action: Layout Examples

Teleport Cheat for Cafe World (Facebook): Layout A

Teleport Cheat for Cafe World (Facebook): Layout B

Teleport Cheat for Cafe World (Facebook): Layout C

The Teleport Cheat for Cafe World Cooks

This Cafe World cheat also works with cooks and stoves. Cooks, it turns out, work much faster when they don’t have access to either the stoves or the counters. To set up the cheat for them, simply make sure they can’t reach any of the stove dials. After that, cooks will pop up and cook in thin air from anywhere in the restaurant - though they’re more likely to appear where you make stove dials available.