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Overview of Myspace Mobsters

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Myspace mobsters is an online RPG game that allows you to live the life of a mobster boss. Along side thousands of other players, your goal is to be the top boss - no matter what it takes. Here is your gamer's review of this fun, addictive MMO application for MySpace.

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    Overview of Myspace mobsters

    Myspace mobsters is an MMORPG game that allows you to live the life of a mobster Boss. The ultimate goal of the game is to be the top boss. Myspace Mobsters is one of those enjoyable applications that allow you to waste time having fun on the site and it is addicting to many players as well - just like other MMORPG games out there today

    This is a mafia style combat MMORPG game that virtually allows you to live like a mobster. The game MySpace Mobsters is free. If you want to have fun playing with thousands of other mobsters, simply download the application on your MySpace page. This is one of the more popular games on the biggest social networking sites, so there are always other players to fight to get points and cash.

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    Game Description

    In the game Myspace Mobsters, you take on the role of a mob boss and live a virtual life of everything it entails. Have tons of property to get cyber rich, put other players on a hit list, rob banks, run moonshine, and commit those other crimes without the fear of getting a real arrest record.

    When you begin to play this free Myspace Mobsters game, you get three choices of types of characters. You can become a tycoon and get income 10 percent quicker than the other two types. You can choose to be bulletproof which means you heal 10 percent quicker than the other two types. The last type you can choose is being an Insomniac who gets energy 10 percent quicker.

    The Godfather will give you cash, full energy, or another member for your mob for favor points you can earn in the game or that you can purchase by using a debit card. Do not use a debit card to purchase these favor points as you can earn them free.

    You succeed at climbing the levels by doing missions, fighting with other players, or whacking somebody on the hit list. The higher the level on Myspace Mobsters the more equipment and other mobsters you need to precede.

    In order to complete most of the missions you will need to have weapons, armor, a vehicle, and at least a few friends within your mob. The first mission does not require anything special other then a few clicks of the mouse, but missions after that need at least one weapon, along with another mobster.

    In the upper levels, you will need to have a bigger amount of Myspace Mobsters in your game, so begin getting your mob big as early as you can. The other players in your mob do not need to be playing at the same time as you are playing to help you.

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    There really are not many graphics within this browser-based application, but every web page has at least a background. The icons for your weapons, armor and vehicles along with the properties are full-color graphics but they are small and they load quickly.

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    You will need to have at least dial-up Internet access but broadband works better. You will also need the latest version of your favorite browser, but Internet explorer works the best.

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    I am hopelessly addicted to Myspace Mobsters; I have been playing it since July of 2008. I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in any of the myspace applications because this is one of the best. Besides, it's very cool be a mob boss, and have a huge mob to help me succeed within the game.

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