iMobsters Tips: Using the iMobsters Bank

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Text-Based Mafia

iMobsters is a progressive MMO text based iPhone RPG like many of the other, maintaining the themes of mafia fiction and intermittent blast of gameplay. One of the major aspects of iMobsters is the competition between players. iMobsters players fight each other for experience, credit, and money. Financially you are at risk at all times in iMobsters. You can be subject to a superior player who chooses to attack you at almost any moment, and you can end up giving away some of your hard earned iMobsters cash when an experienced Mafioso hits you hard. The way that iMobsters has included to allow you to protect your income is the Bank. Here are some iMobsters tips for how and when to use the Bank.

iMobsters Bank

When you are at the main Home page in iMobsters go to the left hand column and find Bank, which will be under Godfather and above Hospital. In the Bank you will see a simple interface outlining your connection with the facility. At the top, it lists how much money you have in the bank. Below this will be a text box where you enter the amount of iMobsters money that you currently have that you want to deposit into the bank. Usually your entire stash will come up in that box immediately and you may have to change it to the correct amount.

iMobsters Tips

Banks in MMO text based iPhone RPGs are not usually a great idea as they are costly and limit your money use. There is a ten percent fee on all money that is put into the account, which is actually less then the standard fifteen percent that is in most of these text based iPhone RPGs like iMob Online or Jet Fighters. You also do not need a base amount of money to put into the bank, which is different from most others as well. Though this is not usually the best choice for your money, if you cannot stop getting your iMobsters account attacked early on then the Bank may be a temporary solution. The iMobsters Bank is still the most practical of all those in the text based iPhone RPG world.

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