m:Mafia Tips: Healing Yourself

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A Little Different

The majority of MMO text-based iPhone RPGs provide a hospital of sorts so you can heal at a faster rate than normal. This hospital will ask that you pay a certain amount, usually from a saved banking location, to heal yourself. This hospital is usually set apart as its own separate function, as a location that is different from other functions. m:Mafia works a little differently as their cheat point system, called m:Mafia Favor Points, is done through internal purchasing as opposed to you buying them from the iTunes' App Store. Here are some tips for healing yourself in m:Mafia for the iPhone.

Healing With Favor Points

When you first opened up m:Mafia look to the right hand column and select The Don, which is directly under Fight and right above Crew. The Don in m:Mafia is where you purchase, sell, and use Favor Points. Here m:Mafia Favor Points cost a thousand dollars cash and sell for ten dollars. One of the top options is to Heal your m:Mafia account, either with your regular cash or your m:Mafia Favor Points. At full Health you will not be able to engage in either option at all. Healing yourself cost different things depending on how low you are and in what position. It will list the amount that it costs to heal you in cash, and usually in the beginning it will only cost you two m:Mafia Favor Points.

m:Mafia Tips

m:Mafia is the easiest to recommend for using the Healing function. Usually hospitals in MMO text-based iPhone RPGs are far too expensive, and since you usually have to use a bank as an intermediary you will find that the deposit fee just adds another expensive element. m:Mafia proves itself to be much less expensive, though it is still a little costly. You will likely not purchase m:Mafia Favor Points at any time and the only ones you will have will be from a free offer. They should probably not be used on Favor Points and instead on money early on. Using them to heal yourself is usually a waste of valuable Favor Points. Instead you will likely just want to pay the bill in cash as it is usually a better deal. A single Favor Point is worth a thousand dollars and most healing will cost only a small fraction of that. The Favor Cost is always just too great. If you are early in m:Mafia you are going to want to stay away from paying to Heal in general.

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